Saturday, May 21, 2016

Stars and Stripes Forever

In the USA, we have a few patriotic weekends approaching. I support showing country pride, but American flag bikinis are a bit too literal, and tacky, for my taste. I prefer a less obvious homage to the stars and stripes (oh, and a bit more coverage).

Jacket, Xhilaration (thrifted). Sweater, Full Tilt (thrifted). Tunic, Urban Behavior (swap). Leggings, Express. Boots, Steve Madden. Sunglasses, Coco Sunglasses. Earrings, flea market. Bag, Nordstrom Rack.

What’s your take on patriotic apparel?

Friday, May 20, 2016

Old Stuff

I try to reduce clothing waste by wearing the things I like over and over, purchasing second-hand when possible, and donating items that I don’t wear.

Long-time readers know that I’ve worn the heck out of the cheap, Missoni knock-off, zig-zag dress I’ve used as a slip, today.

Vest, Tinseltown (cut from a consignment vest). Striped dress, Banana Republic (consignment). Zig-zag dress, Lipstick. Shoes, Seychelles. Earrings, vintage. Rings, vintage and/or heirloom. Bag, Nordstrom Rack.

Here’s the first time I wore it, a little over nine years ago:

Today marks its 63rd wearing. It’s got a few loose threads, but is otherwise holding up well. Not so my running shoes:

I suppose I’ve worn these at least 63 times, too.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


On Sunday, my neighbor caught me with freshly washed, but product-free, hair.

“You’re hair’s so . . . fluffy,” she said.

I normally use products to lift, smooth, and separate. Without them, I have thistledown hair.

Shirt, Spense (consignment). Skirt, Body by Victoria. Shoes, J Crew. Sunglasses, Coco Sunglasses. Earrings, self-made. Bag, Aldo.

I will never, wittingly, share a picture of my fluffy hair, but you can imagine it looks something like this:

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


We had our Toastmasters election, tonight! A new board starts on June 1st, including Beefy as Sergeant-at-Arms.

Dress, Ella Moss. Scarf (worn as a belt), TJ Maxx. Shoes, Seychelles. Earrings, Stardust Remembered. Bag, SheBoBo.

Our current president, immediate past president, and members of the new board (excluding Beefy because he was on a business trip):

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Womp Womp

I feel I must apologize for the sad, droopy boobs in today’s photos. My trusty nude bra is in the wash, so I had to wear an old one and it was not up to the task. Sometimes, being a woman is such a pain.

Blouse, INC (thrifted). Belt, Hyde Collection. Skirt, Carole Little (thrifted). Shoes, Isaac Mizrahi. Earrings, Claire’s. Bag, Croft & Barrow.

It’s a pain to be a super fluffy dog, too. Jackson got a giant mat in his tail (I think from a burr) and by the time we had it cut out, he had worried it enough to create a hot spot. Now he’s on antibiotics and steroids and wearing the cone of shame. Womp womp.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Summer Cut

The first few days with this haircut, I complained about my head’s sensitivity to cold and drafts. This week, we’re expecting temps in the 80s and 90s, so I’m glad to have my summer cut. No more complaining about a cold head from me!

Dress, Peter Som for Kohl’s. Scarf, Calypso St. Barth for Target. Shoes, Prabal Gurung for Target. Sunglasses, Marc Jacobs. Bag, SheBoBo.

Jackson got a haircut, too!

365 catch-up:

On Saturday, I chaperoned a group of kids at Walk on the Wildside, an event celebrating the environment and wildlife. On Sunday, I climbed onto my neighbor’s garage roof to spread reflective tarps that keep her grooming business cooler.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Rawk Star

I felt like a rock star, today. The outfit came out way sexier and the hair way bigger than I intended, but I just went with it. (I didn’t have time for a redo, anyway.)

Vest, Tinseltown (cut from a consignment jacket). Tank, Ann Taylor (consignment). Skirt, J Crew (consignment). Belt, thrifted. Shoes, Seychelles. Sunglasses, Coco Sunglasses. Earrings, street fair.

I’m not so fancy that I can’t get belly down on the ground with my puppers, though.