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This photo blog chronicles what I've worn nearly every day since November 2006. My outfits are a mix of business casual, casual, and cocktail wear. I'm obsessed with pattern and color.

On this blog, you'll also find:

Fitness and nutrition inspiration each Sporty Sunday
Answers to reader questions
The occasional video
What I bought with my $100 budget each month
And way too many pictures of my cats

My photos are (mostly) shot with a Nikon D5100. Some are self-taken (with a tripod and remote) and others are snapped by the Beefy Muchacho.

Email: whatiwore2dayblog@gmail.com
Twitter: whatiwore2day
Facebook: whatiwore2day
Mailing address: PO Box 255571, Sacramento, CA 95865-5571

More about me here.

- Kasmira Kit