Sunday, December 31, 2006

Shopping on New Year's Eve

Black wrap sweater, Bloch. Black A-shirt, Target. Wine velveteen skirt, Delia*s. Black leggings, Target. Black boots, Jennifer Moore. Shorter necklace, Urban Nomad. Longer necklace is an old belt.

I persuaded Mikey to accompany me to the mall on New Year’s Eve. It was crowded, but the sales were incredible. This turned out to be a great outfit when the line for the dressing room at New York and Company was long and slow. I found a mirror at the back of the store and stripped down to the skirt, leggings, and tank top and tried clothes on over my layers. There was no getting around the long line to the register, however.

Denim jacket, Forever 21. Blue silk scarf, Thailand.


Valini said...

Great look for a fun, but classy night out!

Elegance Personified said...

I used to have an identical pair of boots and IDK what happened to them anymore but they were a big hit between 1998 to like 2004. Yours work with this look. Hahahaa, I love your persistence when it comes to shopping and trying things on.