Monday, February 14, 2011

My Purrfect Valentine: Beefy

I’m taking a Valentine spin on this week’s Wardrobe Capsule Challenge. I’ve got a week’s worth of red and pink outfits (with a dose of leopard) lined up. And I’ll profile one of my (five!) Valentines each day.

Capsule items (4 of 10):
Cardigan, Moda International. Blouse, Charlotte Russe. Skirt, Mossimo. Shoes, Steven by Steve Madden.

Accessories (2 of 5):
Locket, Victoria’s Secret. Bag, Apt 9.

“Free” items:
Tights, We Love Colors

My #1 Valentine:

5 things I love about Beefy…
He is sentimental
He takes my picture
He loves cats
He supports me
He is passionate

Photos by my favorite Valentine


Megan Mae said...

Insanely cute pendant. Happy Vday~

Teodora said...

This is such a classy outfit. Don't you love the warmer weather?

Anonymous said...

He is a cutie!

erma-- tx

madam0wl, a.k.a Sandra said...

I look forward to your capsule outfits. I'm doing it again this year and have also picked a kind of valentiney + animal print theme. So yay for us!

Michelle said...

Owwww sweet. Can't wait to see the week with splashes of leopard!

My Heart Blogged said...

I love the top it is so pretty. The five things you love about beefy sound a lot like what I love about my boyfriend. We have two cats together, and they are the other loves of my life.
My Heart Blogged

laniza said...

Aww! How sweet! I also have some leopard in my capsule. I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of your outfits :)

Abbe said...

I absolutely LOVE everything about this outfit!

My Leather Jacket

Kathrine said...

You can't go wrong with men who love cats, now can't you? :))))

Love your outfit, especially the way you combined he white lacy skirt! :)

WendyB said...

You can't beat the red and leopard combo! One of my favorites.

Lula said...

That's such a cute idea! You look lovely :)

Fabienne Jach said...

Such sweetness! Love your outfit, too. That color palette along with the simple solid against lace and ruffles, totally delicious!

kate maggie said...

You look so darling! I love that lace skirt, so pretty. And how cute is your '5 things' list. Made me smile!! Have a great rest of your week! xo

Sheila said...

What a lovely idea, Kasmira! Great themed capsule as well!

Londyn said...

awww... so sweet (the look and the post)