Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Purrfect Valentine: Walter

I found my red dress (at JC Penney)! I swapped it for the vintage, off-white dress I had originally placed in my capsule. Now, instead of a red scarf and cream dress, I’ve got red on red. Firey!

Capsule items (2 of 10):
Dress, Studio I. Shoes, Steven by Steve Madden.

Accessories (3 of 5):
Bag, Apt 9. Scarf, swap. Belt, came with the dress.

“Free” items:
Tights, Target

Today’s Valentine:

5 things I love about Walter…
He is soft as a bunny
He has sad eyes
He likes to snuggle under the covers
He chirps
He loves pats

Photos by Beefy Muchacho


Melissa said...

Holy hotness. You look amazing! And I love the kitty pictures. Kittens make me happy. :)

Mel.J said...

I really like that red with your skin & hair.

My Heart Blogged said...

I like the boldness of red on red. Your cat looks so sad, but too cute. My one cat makes tons of noises, but meows around once a week. Another cat of mine snuggles under the blankets, and it's so sweet.
My Heart Blogged

Sheila said...

He does have sad eyes! Aw... My kitty chirps too - I love when they talk to you.

Incredible dress! I would have swapped too.

The Tote Trove said...

Great dress! And I love that you found it at Penney's. I get tons of stuff there, and people are always like, Penney's, really? And I say, sure, if you love a bargain and know how to make it your own :)

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

You look amazing in this red! It looks fanatastic!

Anonymous said...

Very classy! So Mad Men! Love it.

fashionoverfifty said...

Love the red with the red scarf--hey, go for the gusto, right? Shoes look really cute but cant see them too well?
Oh, and Walter does really have sad eyes....Paula

De Facto Redhead said...

I check out your blog every day, and this outfit really made me say, "Wow!" I love it! The leopard-print shoes look great with your tights and dress, and then the similar shades in your purse (but contrasting pattern) make this ensemble perfect!

Terri said...

This is such a fierce look that the background pales by comparison!

Anonymous said...

woot woot woot
very classy...you could be a model

Meghan said...

red + leopard print = love!!

btw, i just started a blog recently and i wrote an entry today talking about my favorite blogger outfits that i've discovered so far, i mentioned you. check it out if you like!


bg-booms said...

WOW! You look great in red! Adorable outfit

Vintage Vixen said...

Not only are you gogeous and brave with colour but you're also a cat lover! How fab to meet you. x

Vanessa said...

Beautiful! I love the soft twinkle lights in the background!

Londyn said...

I love this look too and am now wishing I wore red all last week...!