Monday, January 14, 2013

Plight of the Procrastinator

I’m miserly with my disposable contacts…wearing them until they fall apart (instead of until the recommended “replace by” timing). Eventually, though, I run out. I’m down to a single contact. Lopsided vision gives me a headache, so I’m wearing glasses.

Blazer, BSB (thrifted). Dress, London Times (hand-me-down). Blouse, Charlotte Russe. Tights, We Love Colors. Boots, Nine West. Earrings, Julie’s Inspiration. Brooch, swap. Scarf, gift from Londyn. Rings, gift, Puzzrollrings, and vintage. Bag, Fossil (gift).


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pattern and texture mixing! And how is it that the purse goes with everything?? I love it!

jentine said...

I do this all the time... I mean, why plan ahead when you can just be behind the ball all the time? :)
The pattern mix here is really nice!

Rebecca said...

I do the same thing. In fact, I ripped one of my last contacts on Friday, and am stuck wearing glasses until I can get more.

...bill said...

Somehow, I lost one lens out of my glasses... like five months ago... maybe six.

I still haven't picked up a new pair--don't have the time for an eye exam. And I only wear them at night while driving through strange cities where I need to read road signs from far away... One eye seems to be enough. b-)

WendyB said...

Ooooh, that jacket!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kasmira,
Please don't abuse the contacts! Don't scrimp on them, they're too important! A good friend of my hubby's did that, and he almost went blind. Seriously, BLIND. In the end, (now I'm going to be deliberately graphic here so that you know how insanely serious it is) he developed an eye infection so severe that it caused him to need transplants for BOTH of his corneas. His corneas are now from cadavers! He sees with dead people! ('s eyes...)(sorry, I couldn't resist)
So please- don't abuse your contacts and your eyes- keep them clean, use the proper solutions, don't over wear them, obey the dates on everything eye related, and don't swim with them in!
I'm not trying to be a nudge, but we had a ringside seat for everything this guy went through, and I would never want anyone else to have to go through that. Ever. It is just not worth it.

Kasmira said...

Don't worry, now that I have an eye dr, I don't have to make them last forever.