Thursday, July 02, 2015

40 B4 40: 8 Month Progress

I’m three-quarters of the way through my 39th year. I’m getting my adventures done before I turn 40!

1. Get old timey photos of our family - Scheduled for July 5.

2. Skydive or hanglide - Done!

3. Take a Napa wine tour - Done!

6. Snowshoe - Done!

5. Stand-up paddle board - Done!

7. Camp with the dogs - Scheduled for mid-August, but with Jasper only. Jackson isn’t ready for this adventure.

9. Compete in an agility competition - We are scheduled for a NADAC competition on July 4.

10. Renew my passport - All materials are gathered and in an envelope. I continue to procrastinate the visit to the post office.

11. Pose for a photo with Mickey Mouse - Done!

12. Attend a Comicon - Done!

13. Dye my hair pink - Scheduled for July 17.

14. Teach Jasper to walk nicely on a leash - He’s improving.

15. Do a 365 Photo project - Daily picture success! Find my photos here.

16. Sew a garment - I started a skirt on Memorial Day. It has sat, zipper-less, waistband-less, and hem-less ever since.

17. Take a sewing class - I postponed my class. I need to reschedule.

18. Meditate - Do I really need to meditate?

19. See a live concert - We bought tickets for Apocalyptica, but only made it through a couple of numbers by the opening band before the crowds, noise, and “late hour” got to us. I now have a ticket for a 3 p.m. piano concert on a Sunday in August, just like the old person I am.

20. Go to a hot air balloon festival - Done!

21. Learn to 2-finger whistle - Done!

22. Do the splits - I’m looking for an adult ballet class to help me perfect my left and improve my right splits.

23. Show Dan my old Bridgeport haunts - scheduled for late September!

24. Finish making all the burgers in Veggie Burgers Every Which Way - In June, I made Tortilla-Crusted Stuffed Portobello Burgers, Beet “Tartare,” Ginger-Soy Tempeh Burgers, and “Garden” Burgers. I only have two recipes left: Seitan Burgers with Mango BBQ Sauce and Beet and Brown Rice Burgers.

25. Write one special content blog post per month - Done.

26. Sail - Planned for late August/early September.

27. Wallpaper a wall - I found another wallpaper I like, but it is even more expensive than my last choice. Back to browsing . . .

28. Participate in Toastmasters - I’ve given six speeches and won “best speech” four times! I’ve also served as toastmaster, evaluator, general evaluator, jokemaster, grammarian, and pledge/inspiration at meetings.

29. Ride a horse - I SAT on a horse at TxSC CAMP, but I wouldn’t qualify it as a horse “ride.” I’m planning a real ride in August.

30. Have a birthday party - Beefy and his cousin have begun planning my first birthday party!

32. Practice ambidexterity - My left hand activities: throw a frisbee, sling a ball, make checkmarks.

33. Learn a new piano song - I’m working on my song. I have extra motivation since I decided I would perform it (singing and playing) at my birthday party.

34. Raft down a river - Planned for late August/early September.

35. See a drive-in movie - Done!

36. Take a historical home tour - Tickets bought for the Preservation Sacramento 2015 Historic Home Tour, featuring Richmond Grove on 9/20!

38. Gaze at the stars - I have plans to watch the Perseids Meteor Shower in mid-August.

39. Send out holiday cards - Done!

40. Guest appear on a podcast - Done!


Anonymous said...

I am very impressed by your progress! Are these things you've "always wanted to do"? And what has kept you on track? Is it the fact that the list is public in a way? I have made multiple lists over the year, but never accomplished as much of them.

Looking forward to pictures of more of your accomplishments!


Kasmira said...

Some are things I've wanted to do for a long time (but have never done) and some are things I've done before, loved, and wanted to do again.
A few things have kept me on track. As you mentioned, making it public helps. And it isn't just on the blog. I tell everyone about the list! Beefy is a big help. He is always pushing me to knock another off the list. And I want to write a book about the experience, so that is motivating, too.