Friday, August 05, 2016

Yosemite Chronicles: Daily Routine

You’d think that days spent hiking and camping alone would be full of long, boring stretches with nothing to do. Not so! I find the days are flying by. This is a typical day:

5:30 am
Dream journal
Coffee and Larabar
Morning pages (3 pages of stream-of-consciousness writing)
Run (2 miles)
Abdominal exercises
Hike (and lunch)
Journal and read
Journal and read
9:30 pm

The only time I find myself at odds is before bed, when I’m too tired to read or write but not tired enough to sleep and too bored just to lie in my hammock. If I were at home, this is the time when I’d mindlessly scroll the internet or watch Netflix. Neither activities are an option without cell coverage. Instead I either go for a walk or listen to a podcast.

Even though I’m on “vacation,” I like having a structure to my days. It makes me feel productive and keeps me from doing nothing but getting drunk in my hammock (although that has happened).

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Erin said...

Ah yes, laying in a hammock and getting drunk while reading a book. One of the best parts of camping, hahaha!! I'm terrible at creating structure while I'm camping, but I suppose that if I was doing it for 3 months my perspective might change. Looks like you've been starting your hikes mid-day! What have your morning time and mid day temps been like?

Kasmira said...

I'm usually hiking by 9:30 or 10, so the temps have still been cool - 50s or 60s but it feels much warmer in the sun! Almost every day has been clear and brutally sunny. I've seen rain once, and then it was only a smattering. :( Afternoons can get up to the 80's, but there is usually an icy lake or stream nearby to cool off.

Sabrina said...

So proud you're my sister!