Friday, August 12, 2016

Yosemite Chronicles: Frequently Asked Questions

Town clothes

What are you wearing?
I’m mostly wearing athletic gear and loungewear. I do have some “town” clothes: denim shorts and skirt, a few tees, a long skirt, a chambray shirt, a scarf, and cowboy boots. Believe me, you’re not missing anything (except my incredibly obnoxious American flag hat).

A visit from Beefy AND his mom at Lake Tahoe

Where’s Beefy?
I left my job to take this trip. Beefy did not leave his! He’s in Sacramento, working and taking care of our animals and my plant collection. We are meeting for weekends a few times this summer.

My Bridgeport friend, Mark

Are you alone?
Yes. I’m an introvert and love alone time! I am not always, alone, though. I get Beefy visits and have a friend in Bridgeport. I have also made friends on the journey.

I wanted to eat this puppy

What about the dogs?
Because I’m hiking in national parks, the dogs had to stay at home. Most parks don’t allow dogs out of the parking lots/campgrounds or off the paved road, if they are allowed at all. I manage to get an almost daily “dog fix” from other people’s dogs, so I don’t miss my own as much.

Are you sick? Dying? Pregnant? Suicidal?
Yes, I’ve been asked all of these things. No, no, no, and no. You know how sometimes you need to take a “well day” from work instead of a “sick day?” Think of this trip like an extended “well day” from everyday life.

How long are you hiking?
My trip is 13 weeks long. As of this posting, I’ve just finished week 6!

Drying off after a dip in West Lake

Do you swim naked?
Not yet. Back in my park and forest service days, I always swam in the nude. I guess I’ve gotten a bit prudish in my old age. I’m usually wearing quick-drying gear so I swim in my sports bra and shorts or skirt.

How do you charge your phone?
I charge it in my car or with a solar battery. Because I’m usually out of cell service range, I leave it in airplane mode to conserve battery. I have found that when nighttime temps are below 50, it’s best to sleep with the phone inside my sleeping bag or the battery shuts down. (According to my research, it shouldn’t do that unless the temps are below freezing. I think my battery is defective.)

16-mile day hike

Are you day hiking or backpacking?
I’m day hiking. I prefer to day hike 20 miles with a 10-lb pack and come back to all the comforts of my camp rather than backpack 5 miles with a 30-lb pack, eat a crappy, dehydrated dinner cooked over a tiny, tippy stove, and miss my books and hammock (and booze). I may do an overnight trip or two, once I’ve reached peak stamina. And maybe not.

Got a question? Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

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Erin said...

I'm an introvert too! And although I love my hubby....13 weeks (mostly) alone sounds so restorative and just plain wonderful. Since you moved to CA, I always wondered how you managed a sales job being an introvert. Perhaps I should PM you.... You are doing an awesome thing!!

Sheila said...

We're so nosy, but thank you for addressing these. :) I was a little worried about you, but it sounds like you are sorting your sh*t out - good for you. I have been trying to work on my mental health over the past 10 months, and it's been really positive. I just finished my 30th book of the year! Although camping is really not my style, recharging my batteries solo sounds completely appealing.

Melissa said...

Not a question, just a comment that I think you are completely awesome for doing this and I wish I had the balls to do something similar (I'm just not there yet!)

Betsy said...

How fun to find you at Yosemite! I followed you for years and haven't for a little while since work got busier. Loved catching up with you via your 40 b4 40 list.

I have an even older North Face Cat's Meow than yours, bought in 1992, nicknamed Aunt Beast after the alien character in A Wrinkle In Time. On our recent trip to Glacier and Yellowstone I noticed forty degrees at night is a lot colder than it used to be. I think mine needs replacing too.

Praying for your safety and looking forward to what you'll come up with next!

DaShannon said...

Headed back to work tomorrow- the start of my 23 year in education- and I have so enjoyed following your chronicles this summer. Maybe if I could tag along next time and camp next door to someone I know even if we don't interact. ... you girl are a brave soul! So happy for you to follow your dream!

Cindy said...

So neat to see Beefy and his cute mom! I bet your doggies and kitties miss you, but you only live once, so grab all you can. I've loved your blog for a long time and glad you are sharing this with us.

Jess Furlong said...

Thanks for the info, you're inspiring. For the record I wasn't worried about you, just jealous, lol. I currently live in New Zealand and a 12 week trip is considered on the shorter side for many wanderlusters here. Over Christmas people often just camp somewhere for a month or more and no one wonders what's wrong with them. They say "Good on ya!" Most 20 something's do an "OE" (overseas experience) of world travel for a year or more at some point, it's encouraged and simply understood as something people do. I say, the US is so big we don't always have to leave to feel like we've flown from home base, and why restrict all of life's adventures to your 20s? Amazing. Thank you for sharing.