Sunday, April 22, 2007

Summer Pale

Sheer white blouse, Okinawa, Japan. Denim wrap skirt, Bongo(?) Pale wedges, Montego Bay Club. Blue beads, Xhilaration. White sunglasses, George ME.

I love this blouse, but rarely wear it. I bought it at some local teen store in Okinawa, Japan, while I was stationed there. The front is a double layer of fabric, but the back is only a single, so it is sheer from behind. The sleeves are slit from the wrist to the shoulder, along the inner arm. An extra piece of fabric, attached at the left shoulder, adds to the drapey effect.

I seldom have an occasion where it seems appropriate to wear this. It’s got to be warm (no a/c), I have to avoid food (because I am spill-prone), and the event should be just on the formal side of casual. I took a risk and wore this to a housewarming. All the windows were open to admit the breeze and I nibbled cautiously from the buffet. I managed to escape both a chill and stains. I was probably overdressed, but I’m used to that.


Anonymous said...
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maryeb said...

I wanted to take a closer look at your previous outfit. That blouse is so unique and pretty. It was a great find.
I'm glad to hear someone else is spill prone like me. I can't ever quite seem to make it through the day without a spot or two.