Monday, November 30, 2015

November Purchases

I’ve spent all of my 2015 budget (and a little more). December is for shopping for other people, anyway. (Except a quick trip to the thrift store for myself . . . )


Now that I’m 40, I plan to wear way more stretchy pants.

1. Moto zip accent scuba legging, $69.90.
2. Mesh inset leggings, $19.90.

TJ Maxx

3. Steve Madden forest and tan handbag, $39.99 - $50.00 gift card = free!
4. Passport plaid shirt, $14.99 - remaining $10.01 on gift card = $4.98.

J Crew

5. Excursion quilted vest in navy/ivory buffalo check, $138.00. This item has since (of course) gone on sale, but I didn’t want to chance this colorway selling out while I awaited a discount.


6. Salt Valley shirt in red/black buffalo check, $16.50.
7. BCBG Max Azria leather jacket, $30.00

November total: $279.28

Total spending for the year: $1859.09

Remaining 2015 budget: -$86.09.


Lorena said...

I love the J Crew quilted vest - and I think you managed your budget quite well.
In my case, i have not dared to add up yet.

Alison at Wardrobe Oxygen said...

LOL three cheers to stretchy pants and being 40!

Stephanie said...

I love that forest green and tan handbag. I wasn't sure when it first started showing up in posts if it was forest green or not.

It just provides such a lovely contrast to outfits you have paired it with.