Thursday, December 17, 2015

Episode VII

Beefy saved our Star Wars seats for 4 ½ hours. Nothing else showed before the 7 p.m. screening of The Force Awakens, so those with tickets to the first showing of the night got to wait in the relative comfort of the theater, instead of standing in the lobby or outside. I showed up half an hour before the start, feeling awfully lucky to have a great seat saved for me. (P.S. He says the movie was totally worth the wait.)

Jacket, Obey (embellished by my sister). Tee, Fifth Sun. Skirt, Mural (consignment). Leggings, Forever 21. Sneakers, Vans. Hat, Disney.

Did I like the movie? Um, YES! I thought it was just the right mix of elements from episodes IV - VI with new characters and worlds. I also liked the update to an almost comic book style of shots and pacing. Sadly, there was no space slug. I contented myself with knowing I have one at home:


Sheila said...

I'm going tonight - I wish I had that jacket! It's so cool. :)

Erica Minton said...

Many theaters are offering assigned seats now (out here they're Cinemark theaters, not sure if those are out there)... best thing to happen to movie theaters, in my opinion.

Sheila said...

Oh, and I LOVED the movie! I need to go again!