Saturday, December 26, 2015

Thrift Throwdown

Everything at Goodwill was 50% off on the day after Christmas. The parking lot was packed, but there was no trouble in the store. Unless you wanted a shopping cart. And then you had to sign up for the wait list. Or steal one from an inattentive shopper. (I did neither, using a basket to carry my treasures.)

Jacket and leggings, Allen B. Skirt, Mural (consignment). Boots, Style & Co (thrifted). Earrings, Rose Bowl flea market. Buttons, Disney. Bag, vintage.

My score: dishes, belts, and a pair of Ferragamo shoes:

The day after Christmas is my favorite day to shop. This is what I’ve worn on previous Boxing Day excursions (not all of them shopping):


LostRoses said...

You are so cute - and fearless! Goodwill dishes are hard to pass up for me. Dish addict here! Funny for someone who gets dinner from the pre-made food counter at Sprouts!

Shopgirl888 said...

OK, you can rock a lot of different hair styles and colors, but I'm still partial to pink! Wish our Goodwill had half price sales-- ever!