Friday, March 18, 2016

From the Hip

As much as I like to take a measured, technical approach to a task, sometimes you just have to wing it. I find that starting without a definite plan frees up my creativity. With no expectations there are no limits.

Shirt, Banana Republic. Skirt, vintage, thrifted, shortened, and embellished. Shoes, Katie and Kelly. Earrings, vintage.

In photography, to “shoot from the hip” is to aim the camera without looking through the viewfinder or display, press the shutter, and see what happens. Most of the shots are crap, but I usually get a few interesting ones.


Anonymous said...

What a great photo! He looks like he absolutely adores you!

I'm assuming he's looking at you, and you're not holding up a steak.

Like the outfit too! I'm always afraid to wear read and green together for fear I'll look like a Christmas tree, but I guess it's all in the actual shades. You look nothing like a Christmas tree!


Lorena said...

There is something special about these photos ... the colors, the angles.. whatever it is, you look stunning K.