Wednesday, March 02, 2016


Note to self: these are sitting shoes. Do not wear them on customer calls. Your feet will feel tender and swollen after a couple of hours. No no no.

Jacket, London Jean. Dress, Banana Republic (consignment). Shoes, Prabal Gurung for Target. Sunglasses, Target.

Some people might say blue eyshadow is a “no no,” but I like it. I guess it’s the Barbie-loving, 80’s kid in me.

But I should say “no” to running my rabid panda border collie on a worn leash. He snapped it lunging into a busy street. Thankfully, the drivers all stopped and Jackson responded immediately to his recall.


SusanG said...

Hurray for Jackson! So glad he's safe. Our Border Collie cross can be a handful, and I worry that he won't remember his training if a cat appears across the street. Training never ends with Borders!

Your pumps are fun -- so many outfit possibilities! -- but I can see they'd be a challenge to wear over long periods.

Vicki King said...

I also have a pair of shoes that I love, are so cute, and that my (normally) clueless husband picked out and bought all on his own, that are totally useless if I have to walk more than 100 feet! Sigh. On the plus side, they will probably never wear out!

My border collie is the best behaved dog around unless another animal appears and then it is like she has never ever heard a command in her life. I had to switch to a buckle collar because she figured out how to lunge just hard enough to snap the clip and take off to go visit whatever caught her fancy. Scared the criminy out of me when she ran into the road! I feel for you! Jackson is so cute it would be hard to stay mad for long!

Lorena said...

Sorry to hear about the shoes, if it serves as consolation prize: you looked stunning.

C said...

leash leash leash...another one bites the dust! and another one gone; another one gone; another ones bites the dust.... (bursting into msong as in a musical)