Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The Stars Are My Destination

Named after a Star Trek character, I was destined to become a sci-fi junkie. Somehow, the two-volume A Treasury of Great Science Fiction made its way onto my bookshelf when I was still in grade school. I read and reread those stories over the years, finding layers I hadn’t registered the first few times and finally making sense of the more esoteric tales. “The Chrysalids” by John Wyndham and Alfred Bester’s “The Stars Are My Destination” were favorites from the first read.

Sweater, Full Tilt (thrifted). Dress, Bebe. Shoes, Chelsea Crew. Sunglasses and bag, Target. Scarf, swap. Earrings, Francesca’s Closet.

Given my history, it’s no surprise that I’m obsessed with The 100 after discovering it on Netflix a few days ago. I suppose it’s a little more post-apoc than sci-fi, but I love both genres.


Charlotte said...

I have always loved sci-fi, and fantasy too. I hadn't read The Stars My Destination until a few years ago, but it really was an amazing story. Even better that it help up so well over time, which is not always the case in the genre. I haven't has time to check out The 100, but my TV schedule is already overly full so it just might not happen.

blackdogramona said...

A girl after my own heart! When I was 12 I was given my fathers sci if paperpacks - 50's early 60's - and I devoured them, Bradbury, Sturgeon, Kornbluth. Later discovered Philip K Dick ( before that Heinlein who HASN'T stood the test of time, though Ziggy Stardust will always remind me of Stranger in a Strange Land (reading book and listening to record at the same time, you know the feeling?)
Just happy to hear from another girl that reads sci if, I know very few!