Saturday, November 20, 2010


This old photo inspired me to wear my plaid wrap skirt over jeans, again. Bonus: this was a great pairing for a test ride on a scooter!

Sweater, J Crew (swap). Tee, H&M. Skirt, Rafaella (thrifted). Jeggings, Mossimo. Boots, Dan Post. Bag Nine West. Scarf, Marshall’s.

I went to Metro Scooter this afternoon to test drive a scooter…but it turns out you have to have your motorcycle endorsement to do so. Instead, I rode behind the salesman and then I bought a Buddy.

My Buddy:

(I'm working on my temporary license.)

Photos by Beefy Muchacho


Fashion Flirt said...

Reminds me of high school! Except infinitely cooler.

Ah. Uniforms.

Alison said...

Scooters are awesome. I have a Yamaha Zuma. But, where I live you don't need a Motorcycle Endorsement. But if you don't have it, you cannot go over 35mph. I do have my MC license. Good luck, you'll do fine. Enjoy your new ride!

I love the wrap skirt over your jeans, cute and comfy.

T said...

Go you on a great alternative to a car!

Myra's Girls said...

Congrats on the Buddy Italia! I have the light blue Buddy 125 and I love it!

Being fashionable while riding (and wearing protective gear!) has been a challenge and I hope to see posts of your scooter appropriate outfits. I have almost stopped wearing skirts entirely because I scoot almost every day. I don't mind changing my shoes when I arrive at my destination and wearing an armored jacket, gloves and helmet over my outfit but swapping pants for a skirt is too much hassle.

p.s. ;)

Megan Mae said...

How cool! Congrats on the new scooter. I've been talking one over with my hubs for a couple of months now.

Check and see the laws in your state about taking a class to obtain a license. Here in TN you can take a course for like 3 days and get vouchers to take to the DMV. I think you may also receive a "safe driver seminar" certificate to show to your insurance in some cases.

Shelley said...

cute! I love your buddy :) I dream of someday being able to buy a scooter and not get killed (orange county traffic...) Love the jeans with the skirt!

Vanessa said...

Oh! Fun scooter. Congrats on the purchase!

Sabrina said...

Ha, Buddy! You bought a Buddy! You're so cool.

...bill said...

A scooter--awesome! If you're not going to have a car, seems like a great way to add convenience.

I'm truck shopping right now. Yuck. Haven't driven since last Monday evening... but I need a truck to carry things occasionally. Can a Buddy haul a wagon maybe?!!! I'd just get one of those!

I like the look of the jeans better untucked at the boots, but prolly not a good idea if you're riding, eh? :]

redrabbit said...

I am saving up for a scooter!

Jenny said...

My hubby bought a Vespa from Metro two years ago, he loves it so much! Congrats, I hope you have lots of fun riding around cinci.

Kasmira said...

Myra's Girls - I'll probably just slip jeans on UNDER my skirts. I don't intend to ride it to work, so I'd mostly be wearing a-line (casual) skirts and dresses.

Megan Mae - I have to take a written (computer) test for my temps and then the next practical application class in April for my permanent license.

...bill - I guess it depends on the size of the wagon! I agree that the leg line is longer with the jeans over the boots, but that isn't an option with tight jeggings.

...bill said...

'jeggings'... i guess i just learned of a whole new type of pants.

(at least 4'x 8' so it could carry drywall & plywood. how funny would that be.)

Shari said...

Welcome as a new rider. I don't have a scooter - but I do have 2 motorcycles. Best advice I ever got was to take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. In many states (including NY where I live) passing the MSF course automatically gives you the motorcycle endorsement on your license.

Although I know female riders who ride to work & accomodate their attire accordingly, I don't ride to work. Better to have to change when you arrive then scimp on safety gear.

Cat said...

Ha! I bought my first motorcycle on Saturday as well. I got my license back in April, and I have been saving until now.

Enjoy life on two wheels!

P.S. Nice helmet. I have a very similar white HJC CL-15.

Cat said...

P.S. Keep the rubber side down.