Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The oddly warm weather continues (allowing me to pair a heavy tweed jacket with a lightweight dress) but the calendar says the end of the year is approaching. I’ve already purchased holiday gifts and begun to think about New Year’s resolutions.

Jacket, The Limited. Dress, Ann Taylor Loft. Boots, White Mountain. Necklace, Macy’s. Ring, Raffia & Bossa.

How about you? Are you still recovering from Halloween or already planning New Year’s Eve? (I think we’re going to the Know Theatre’s gig.)


Marley said...

I'm just planning parties for no reason at all- next week is the Miss Joplin drag pageant, and I will certainly be enjoying that with an afterparty!

angie said...

It's unusualy warm in my country ,too which scares the hell out of me!I have a very similar jacket and absolutely no idea how to wearit! I hope this post will inspire me, somehow!

Sheila said...

This is a really pretty look.

It's rainy season up here - and I'm getting ready for the holidays, thinking about parties and party clothes. We're throwing a New Year's party this year.

Yelena said...

Great pattern play - you look great in those colors :)

gina said...

Love that jacket! The gold jewelry is great. Buying Christmas gifts already... you're really on top of things. :-) I only just made my Thanksgiving shopping list and realized I should go buy stuff soon so I don't end up a victim of the pumpkin pie filling shortage again this year.