Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Corporate Sexy

I chose today’s outfit hoping to create a more conservative, corporate look, but still “fun.” Instead, I was told over and over again that it was sexy (by a man at the gas station, two different customers, and Beefy). So, big fail on my part.

Blazer, SO… (thrifted). Dress, Lipstick. Shoes, BCBGeneration. Sunglasses, Girlprops. Necklace, Serket Jewelry. Brooch, thrifted.

. . . or I could just pretend that I was going for “corporate sexy.” Personally, I just think the look turned out “corporate boring and maybe a little cleavage-tastic.”


em²ile² said...

I think “corporate and a little cleavage-tastic" is a pretty accurate descriptor. The whole outfit isn't that sexy--it's just the deep v-neck that takes this out of the realm of corporate.

Anonymous said...

Some days I feel like I look anything but "sexy" and my husband will thing I look fab!! So, imo, we could wear a paper bag and look sexy to them!!! And of course when I do nothing with my hair and have no makeup, I look "so beautiful" Ahhh!!
ps. you do look great by the way!!
always love your shoes!

Lorena said...

Cleavage - tastic...... that's a new one.
I think you looked mighty good.

J. said...

Anything that keeps corporate sexy is fine with me! I think you look great!

Laura who? said...

I don't think that this outfit is sexy because of a cleavage issue. I think it's sexy because it's powerful. And, personally, probably because I have some pretty serious chesticles and cleavage is hard to avoid and even if I do avoid it, you can't hide Mount Everbreast with a blanket... anyway... I resent that my body dooms me to be taken less seriously in any sort of business setting.

(Love the blog).