Thursday, April 25, 2013

One Million Cats

I have a recurring fantasy of buying a huge, disused church and turning it into my residence. I’d fill all the extra space with cats. The number mostly commonly thrown about is one million cats, but one hundred would probably be more realistic.

Shirt, Liz Sport (thrifted). Dress, Muse (gift from a reader). Shoes, Two Lips. Sunglasses, Target. Necklace, thrifted. Bag, Fossil (gift).

Until my dream comes true, I’ll just try to wear one million cat prints. Today, I’m wearing three.


...bill said...

that's a great dream to have.
[i had one cat to fill the extra space, but found that to be one cat too many... but that's just me.=]

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your marriage! (I usually check your blog once a week & just now found out) Anyway, I am so happy for you!
I also thought I wanted to be a crazy cat lady with a house full of cats, but now with 3, I think 2 might be more ideal. My cats all seem to have relationship issues. I think instead I will try to have more cat art & books & clothing!
Congrats again & best of luck!
Theresa in Tennessee

Jillian said...

OOh yeah! I would totally visit your church full of cats! Love the idea! I rescued two pregnant cats at one time and ended up with a total of 13 cats at one time...I was definitely the crazy cat lady until I found homes for most of them!!

Meredith said...

me-ow! perfect outfit ;)