Friday, August 09, 2013

Get Outta Dodge

This outfit seemed like a bit much for Woodland. It got a lot of stares and, as I walked down the sidewalk, a man offered me a ride. I was nearly to the anonymity of of my car, so I said, “No thank-you.” And then I got the heck out of town.

Dress, Parker. Shirt (cut from a dress), INC (swap). Shoes, Colin Stuart. Scarf, TJ Maxx. Sunglasses, Girlprops. Earrings, Jack E Ohs NYC. Belt, Target. Bag, Go Jane.


Londyn said...

Fabulous look! Love that dress and your accent colors.

...bill said...

Seriously, this is a great travel blog too. =]

thorne garnet said...

Really? That outfit is so tame! It's not like you're hanging out anywhere

Anonymous said...

Maybe the folks of Woodland are ready for your great gams!

I think this looks a little bohemian, in a good way. I'm still afraid to try the scarf on the head look, but I think you look great!


Anonymous said...

Hi, nice outfit, beautiful legs!