Saturday, August 31, 2013

July and August Purchases

I didn’t have the time to do my budget recap for July, but I still managed to do plenty of shopping! August wasn’t much better. And here it is, September 5th (although I’ll date this post 8/31) and I’m finally listing my purchases for the past two months. I hope I can remember what all was new!

Heart Boutique

1. Neon pink rhinestone necklace, $30.00*

Victoria’s Secret

I’ve already blogged at length about my former addiction to catalog clothing. After buying this shirt and skirt in July, I’m proud to say I haven’t fallen back into my catalog-drooling ways. (I used to go to bed with the Victoria’s Secret catalog. And not in a sexy way. I just lusted for the clothes.)

2. Pink silk shirt, $39.99

3. Body by Victoria stretch pencil skirt in leopard print, $29.99.

California State Fair

4. Leather and string earrings, $10.* I love that these earrings look like a grade-schooler’s summer camp project.

Identity Boutique

This is another boutique that is right next to one of my customers. I’ve browsed before, but usually pass on the clothing because I am trying to avoid man-made materials (especially polyester). I have no such standards about synthetic bags, though.

5. Imoshion pale green bag, $82.00.

French Cuffs

This consignment shop is just down the street from Identity. And next door to Cuffs. I’m doomed.

6. Maeve periwinkle silk blouse, $17.00

American Apparel

I jumped on the crop top bandwagon, just like Blaire and Catherine, and Jentine. I went for the long-sleeved version to compensate for the missing fabric at the bottom of the shirt. And I’ll only pair it with high-waisted bottoms.

7. Striped, long-sleeved cropped tee, $30.00

My Sister’s Closet

I bought two pair of denim shorts for casual days.

8. Lee dark-wash, high-waisted denim shorts, $3.50. (I apologize for not having a better picture! I mostly wear these with non-blogged outfits.)

9. Mavi boyfriend shorts, $7.00. These might be my favorite shorts, ever. So comfortable and surprisingly flattering.


10. Skinny neon pink belt, $6.48.

11. Pink cat-eye sunglasses, $12.99.

12. Heart-shaped, skull-print sunglasses, $16.99

Charming Charlie

13. Lime bag, $35.00. Because I need multiple green purses in my wardrobe.

14. Red earrings, $8.00.


How could I have missed this downtown Vacaville gem? Now that I have a customer next door, I’ll be shopping there every other week.

15. Adrianna Papell floral bandage dress, $28.

16. Banana Republic silk turquoise and black houndstooth wrap dress, $28.00.


17. Aerosoles turquoise and navy wedges, $39.95. Aerosoles wedges are the best!

July and August total: $424.89

Total spending for the year: $1445.63

Remaining 2013 budget: -$5.63. Oops.

*I couldn’t find all my receipts, so I’m doing my best to remember some prices.


Stargirl said...

I love that there is a consignment shop called My Sister's Closet! I always joked that I'd open a shop with that name because I'm always telling people I got something from my sister's closet!

Lorena said...

Some months are better then others.
I keep track of what i buy too and last month was 0 spending. I still cannot believe it-
Do you get rid of clothes often ?

Kasmira said...

I get rid of a shopping bag every couple if months. Right now, I have a "one in, one out" policy to keep my closet lean.