Monday, February 02, 2015

40 B4 40: Three Month Progress

I’m a quarter of the way through my 40 before 40 year. This is my progress so far:

2. Skydive or hanglide - Beefy gave me a skydiving gift certificate for Christmas. I plan to go in May.

6. Snowshoe - I snowshoed and picnicked with my sister and REI. It was awesome! Someday I’ll write about it.

9. Compete in an agility competition - I consulted with my coaches and it sounds as if we’ll be ready for our first match this summer. In the meantime, we are in our third class (Beginner 2) and I’m listening to the Bad Dog Agility podcast to learn more about the sport.

10. Renew my passport - I have gathered all the necessary material: certified birth certificate, valid driver license (finally!), and photos. Now I just need to complete the application and take it all to the post office during the appropriate hours.

11. Pose for a photo with Mickey Mouse - done! On our WDW trip last month, I posed with Mickey and many other characters. I’ll tell you what I thought of the experience, soon.

14. Teach Jasper to walk nicely on a leash - progress is slow, but that’s probably because practice is sporadic.

15. Do a 365 Photo project - daily picture success! Find my photos here.

17. Take a sewing class - I’ve signed up (and paid) for a class in February.

18. Meditate - I used the Stillness, Stability, and Balance guided meditation from Meditation Oasis to unwind after a long day of business travel and meetings. It was very effective.

21. Learn to 2-finger whistle - done!

22. Do the splits - I almost have my left split. The right side is tighter.

24. Finish making all the burgers in Veggie Burgers Every Which Way - in January, I made Curried Eggplant and Tomato Burgers and Watercourse Foods Tempeh Burgers (fail). Next up: Tofu and Chard Burgers.

25. Write one special content blog post per month - done.

28. Participate in Toastmasters - I am an official member of the club and hope to give my first speech in March.

35. See a drive-in movie - done!

39. Send out holiday cards - done!

40. Guest appear on a podcast - I’m scheduled to speak on a podcast this month.


Laikabear said...

Wow, impressive! What will your Toastmasters speech be about? I find that more terrifying than skydiving. :)

Kasmira said...

My first speech is supposed to be about myself. I'm excited!