Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Scuba Skirt

Neoprene dresses and skirts have been popping up for a few years now. I’ve been hesitant to try the trend. Would it be too hot? Would it crease badly? It probably depends on the particular fabric, but I love this swingy scuba skirt. The stretch makes it comfortable and the weight gives it a nice movement. The stiffness allows for air movement so it wasn’t too hot on even an 89 degree day. I don’t know if I’d like a neoprene dress, but a flared skirt made of the stuff is just the ticket.

Tunic (worn as a shirt), Wet Seal. Skirt, Mural (consignment). Shoes, BCBG Paris. Sunglasses and bag, Target. Earrings, Charming Charlie.

Coffee at The Trade, today:


DressUpNotDown said...

I've been looking for a neoprene skirt to try too. I love the shape they hold! Your leopard print one is pretty amazing.


Lorena said...

Oh neoprene!
I just got a neoprene kimono dress that I'm having altered, I too wonder if it will be too hot for me to handle in my country. Your skirt looks really good.