Monday, August 31, 2015

August Purchases

I made many, but inexpensive, purchases this month.


1. Mural neoprene leopard skater skirt, $10.50.
2. Forever 21 button-front denim skirt, $9.50.
3. Banana Republic black and white striped wrap dress, $15.00.

Charming Charlie

4. Shell teardrop earrings, $10.00.
5. Gold earrings with dangling triangles, $10.00.
6. Southwestern leather and metal fringe earrings, $12.00. These are new favorites. I love the leather (or leather-like) material and the jingle of the metal tips as they sweep past one another.
7. Olive leopard sunglasses, $9.00.

I seem to have a "go to" pose for earrings and sunglasses. And I got a haircut!

TJ Maxx

8. Jessica Simpson blue tortoiseshell sunglasses, $12.99.

Old Navy

I browsed Old Navy for some tee-like, work-appropriate tops.

9. Lace-shoulder sleeveless tops in gray stripe and basil pesto, $16.94 x 2 = $33.88.

I'm wearing the olive version under the plaid tunic in the bottom picture.

August total: $122.87

Total spending for the year: $1477.24

Remaining 2015 budget: $322.76.


emiaswg said...

Cute <3

Anonymous said...

How do you organize your jewelry? Closet? I would find that an interesting post!
Thanks, Theresa in Tennessee