Tuesday, December 02, 2014

40 B4 40: 1 month progress

I’ve finished the first month of my year-long 40 before 40 project. This is my progress so far:

6. Snowshoe - reservations made for a snowshoe picnic at the end of December.
10. Renew my passport - I ordered and received my birth certificate and I’ll update my driver license to California on Monday. (They are very strict in this state about providing the proper identification!) Then, I’ll start the passport process.
15. Do a 365 Photo project - I’ve taken a photo every day (besides my blog photos)! I love this project because it prompts me to really look at my surroundings during the day instead of just focusing on the road in front of me. It’s also been the excuse I needed to walk around a park for 15 minutes, engage a homeless person in conversation, or join a bocce ball game. I find these mini-adventures to be a wonderful mental break. Find my photos here.
17. Take a sewing class - I’ve signed up (and paid) for a class in January.
18. Meditate - I occasionally use the Meditation Oasis podcasts to help me fall asleep, but I’d like to practice more intentional, conscious, meditation.
21. Learn to 2-finger whistle - 90% there! I can produce a piercing sound with my fingers in my mouth, but would like to be able to modulate the pitch.
25. Write one special content blog post per month - this wasn’t a very specific goal. I count my 40 B4 40 and Sporty Sunday entries as “special content” and I wrote a few of those in November.
28. Participate in Toastmasters - I’ll attend my first meeting next week.
32. Practice ambidexterity - I’ve been using my left hand to tick items off a list and write the occasional number. I’d like to try my cat eye liner with the left hand. That could make for a very amusing photo.
39. Send out holiday cards - cards completed! We just need to mail them. Have I mentioned that I hate the mail?

Completing all 40 items in a year is an ambitious goal. So far, I’ve found three activities that keep me on track. First, telling people about it. Not only does that keep me accountable, but they often give me suggestions on how to get some of the items done. Second, writing about it. I’ve only completed one item, but I’ve begun essays on a few. Writing about why I want to complete an activity gets me excited and motivated to see it through. Finally, reviewing the list often keeps it top of mind. I can barely remember three things at once, let alone forty. Pretty much every time I reread the list, I find an item or two that I forgot was on there.

I must admit that the concurrent timing of training a puppy and beginning this large project was not good. His vaccinations will be complete next week, but we’ve spent the past few months on lock-down with an increasingly energetic pup. Once Jackson can go outside for some real exercise (and get real tired), I hope I’ll be able to wallpaper a wall, practice my skateboarding, and get a chance to meditate. He currently requires near constant supervision, but does make for a great photograph subject. (So I guess he isn’t totally ruining my 40 B4 40.)

Good things are ahead!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, he is adorable! He looks full of energy too!

I'm impressed by your progress so far. You've inspired me to at least think about trying some new things. I don't have an official list, but if I do 50 before 50, I'll at least have several years to finish it. ;)

Stephanie Ganger said...

Love your list and your progress. I know I did something very similar when I was nearing 40.

DressUpNotDown said...

90% on the two finger whistle..alright!!! So how'd you go about learning? YouTube?


Kasmira said...

JJ - wikihow and a mirror. I'll share more soon!