Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cocktail Flats

At our final agility class of the year, Jasper and I were notified that we’d be graduated to Beginner 2. However, the instructor asked that I wear appropriate footwear so that I could keep up with my dog. (I’d been wearing boots once the weather cooled off. They wanted me in sneakers.)

With that advice in mind, I chose flats for the WAG holiday party. No dogs were invited, but I was glad of the sensible shoes when circling the room for an hour playing the “box game.”

Blazer, Diane von Furstenberg (consignment). Dress, City Triangles (thrifted). Tights, We Love Colors. Shoes, Chelsea Crew. Necklace, Serket Jewelry.

So . . . the “box game.” We lined up and circled the room, rolling giant dice when we reached the front, for a chance to work on opening a sequence of boxes while wearing a Santa hat, scarf, and mittens. The final box contained a gift certificate to the agility center. Each box was gift wrapped, taped, and sometimes nestled inside another wrapped and taped box. No teeth or stiletto heels were allowed. Elbows and the corner of a table proved to be the tools of choice. Once the next player rolled a seven or twelve, your turn was up and it was time to return to the queue. There were some motivated players and at least one broken gift.


Nancy Hedberg said...

Amazing necklace!

IzzysMom said...

A great holiday outfit – love the shoes. You always have the best footwear. As far as sneakers for agility you will appreciate it more than you know. I’ve been taking agility classes for 2 years now going on 3. I purchased a colorful pair of New Balance Minimus from 6pm at a great price. Wearing these has really helped with foot stability and confidence to run fast and maneuver quickly (like get out of the way of my dog). Agility is the best thing I could have done for my dog – she loves it - even if we never compete I’ll keep at it.