Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Purchases

The final purchases of 2014!

St Vincent de Paul

1. Tweeds green wool turtleneck sweater, $3.52.


2. Spanx Wax Denim Leggings, $99.00 - $50.00 gift card = $49.00. I continue my fruitless search for a pair of skinny jeans or legging jeans. This pair has a nice high waist, but I may have bought a size too big because they wrinkle on the legs and gape at the top.

Supply at Deeda Salon

3. Honey Punch black sequin dress, $75.00. I. Love. This. Dress. It is a black, sequined dupe of my silk Parker dress. This cut (faux wrap top, long sleeves, and short skirt) is super flattering on my body type. I don’t think I’d be bored if every dress in my closet was this same pattern, just in different fabrics.

December total: $127.52

Total spending for the year: $2323.8

Remaining 2014 budget: -$523.80.

I overspent my budget by 29% My $1800 budget allowed for me to spend $150/month, but I far exceeded that some months.

Stand by for my cheapest, most expensive, worst, and best buys of 2014.


Cyndi Spencer said...

I'm looking for a good pair of jeggins as well. While holiday shopping, I saw a display Kolhs for jeggings that I THINK are MUDD brand, in the juniors section, but they were really thick. But not bad thick...think "no one will see your underwear" and they also looked like they'd be forgiving over curves. So I'm going to head in there when I get a chance and try them on, I'm hoping for a higher waist than is typical in juniors. *fingers crossed*

Lorena said...

Oh wow, I am glad I was not the only one that went over budget…. HNY K!