Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yellow Crisp

Pinstriped jacket and pumps, Mossimo. Sweater and trousers, Moda International. Earrings, H&M (swap). Bag, Nicole Lee. Ring, Silpada.

This is another repeat with just a color change. But, I’ve gone a step further and changed the wall color as well. I’m nothing if not thorough.

These are the pants I was complaining about in my I Hate Pants entry. I still don’t think I like them. I read somewhere that if a pair of pants fit properly, they fall in a straight line from the apex of the butt’s curve to the hem*. (I.e. they don’t cup your cheeks.) Obviously, I’ve got some butt hugging going on here. I’m doing my best to blame the pants, not myself. It is tricky to find pants that fit well. That is why I wear skirts.

Enough about stupid pants. Funny pictures:

*I can’t find this bit of guidance anywhere online. I’m wondering if it is outdated or particular to only one style of trousers.


Tina said...

(1) I love you are having yellow week. I can't wait to see the rest of the week. I totally want to do a theme week!

(2) Your playful pics always make me smile.

(3) Did you look up your old photo to be sure to do the same pose? love it!

(4) I think your pants look nice, and I personally think a little "cuppage" is nice as long as it doesn't get clingy. Otherwise you run the risk of looking baggy in the butt. Although I may hold this opinion b/c ...uh...there a lot of junk in my trunk and it's my only option. :)

Sara said...

^ I agree. You need some butt cuppage otherwise it looks like the pants are too big/you have no butt. A butt should be celebrated!

wenditos said...

I agree but then again you are twisting in the pic so maybe they are lying more smoothly than you think.
I've got some serious back and I find that for work I need some type of lining to get my backside looking good ;) if the pants are unlined I wear spanx and that makes them lay perfectly.

I did find this article but you are right not much out there for fit these days


You look great as always and i LOVE that handbag, I have added it to my wish list.

Niki said...

i love your blog! you have such great style! i've just started a fashion blog, inspired by you :) im going to be trying to chronicle my daily outfits just like you do! anyway just wanted to drop by and say i love your outfits and i especially love that bag!!

Kasmira said...

Tina - yes, I do look up the old pics. I don't do a perfect job of imitating the old pose, but I try!

hillary said...

As someone with a large ahem backside I think it would be VERY difficult to find pants that did that. It just sticks out too far and if I got ones to do that they would be 5 inches too big in the waist.

So I vote outdated

Madelaine said...

Fantastic bag:D

Dana said...

From a sewist's perspective (this is taken from the book Sewing Pants That Fit from the Singer Sewing Reference Library) "When pants are worn, there should not be any wrinkles caused by pulling, or folds from excess fabric." And then there is a bullet list of 11 places to check things like the grain of the fabric, straight side seams, etc. Pants fitting issues are universal and nobody has come up with an easy solution. If your pants don't feel right - you're not alone!

Love your blog

Honeybunches of Roses said...

I love the bag! great choice :)

Navy64 said...
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Navy64 said...

Love the yellow shirt, bag, earrings, pants, poses...heck!...I love the the whole darn BLOG :)

J said...

Butt cupage is the cause of panty lines.

Not one of my favorite outfits. It looks too much like something I would wear - not enough "pop".

Antoinette said...

You look so funky and the funny pictures make me smile. I want to try your style so much, it looks so cool. Thanks for posting so often.

Why Just Survive? said...

I rarely comment, usually only if I like it muchly. :-) I totally approve of today's outfit. And I think the pants look like they fit fine. Who wouldn't want a little butt-hugging going on when you've got a cute one?


Why Just Survive? said...

I know you don't like anonymous comments, but I don't use my blogger one anymore,and would love to link to my other blog. Any chance you can change how we can identify ourselves in your comments?


Kasmira said...

Natalee - I wish there were more comment options in Blogger, but I'm currently at the lowest level of "security" without allowing anonymous comments again. :(

norafizah said...

I'm anne and found your blog by chance. Actually, I have a problem with my yellow cloth, i dunno whether to call it dress or whatever, but it's knee-length and have 6 brown big buttons at one side starting from my waist to the knee. The rest of it is plain. I really dont have idea how to mix and match it as I dont have chance to show you the picture. I really need your help as next week i'm going for a vacation and really want to wear this "blouse", i would say. I dont have blog, just using email (smartychic86@gmail.com). Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.