Sunday, April 12, 2009

What I Wore While I Cleaned the House

I started reading Tina’s blog, T Minus T Plus, and immediately became jealous of her clever titles. She uses amusing subtitles like “What I Wore After the Sun Attacked My Blouse” and “What I Wore While Wishing I Was Still in Bed.” And, because her blog also chronicles her diet and exercise, we also get funny subtitles like “What I Ate from the Office Kitchen” and “What I Did to Get Sweaty While No One Was Looking.”

So, because I’m a total biter, I’m bringing you “What I Wore While I Cleaned the House.” Obviously, in the photo, I’m no longer cleaning the house. This picture is post-cleaning, but this is what I wore to do it.

Sweater, Mossimo (thrifted). Tee, Mossimo (not thrifted). Pants, Old Navy. Camo and faux-cartridge belt, thrifted. Slippers, Wal*Mart. Hairclip, self-made.

I’m pulling up my sweater to show you my awesome belt. The front bit is camouflage print pleather and the back is meant to look like silver bullet casings. I only wish our belts were this cool in the military. Or that I were as cool as Tina.

Enjoying my decaf Vanilla Maple tea before I get down to the disagreeable task of repainting my toenails.


Navy64 said...

Hey!...that really is a GREAT-looking BELT. --- Oh!...and Thanks!...because I can always count on your blog to be refreshingly honest. --- BTW, since you wrote that you were drinking "decaf Vanilla Maple tea", a sub-title could be, "what I drank before getting down to repainting my toenails." --- Yeah, I know...but it's just a thought :)

Penny said...

This post is too funny. I dare say, I never look that fabulous when doing anytype of chores. Kudos!!

Robyn said...

I wear pajamas to clean the house. Then I made fancy aprons, so I'd feel special while cleaning, but I never wear them because it's stupid to wear a frilly apron over frumpy pajamas. But I refuse to clean house AFTER I get ready and dressed.

Tina said...

Wow! You really made my day. Thanks so much for the shout out and the kind words. You are always an inspiration to me, and I am honored to know that you enjoy my blog.

You are amazing - I never look that good when I am cleaning. Like Robyn, I have a tendency to clean in my PJs. But I could totally go for the whole 50s housewife doing it in a frilly apron and rubber gloves. hmmm. I might have to try to make a frilly apron!

dmbdreamgirl08 said...

I noticed you have a really cool looking sperical star like item on your sofa table. Where did you get it and where did you get the holder it is hanging from? I love both and have been looking for a holder for some time but can not seem to find one where I live.

Kasmira said...

dmbdreamgirl08 - the star lantern (and its holder) are from Big Lots. I bought them years ago, so I doubt they are still carried there. :(

Candycane said...

Your house looks so cosy :)

I'm the same I never do housework in my "nice" clothes and never do my hair nd make-up so wouldn't dream of putting a pic on haha