Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Sheer pink silk shirt, Bebe. Chevron striped sweater, A Byer. Silvery pants, The Limited. Black pumps, Michelle D. Embellished crescent earrings, girlshop.com

Another thrown-together outfit. In fact, I didn’t even try it on until I was already at work (after teaching aerobics). The genesis for the outfit was a desire to wear the pink shirt and something stripey over it. I liked the way the colors and sleeves worked together but that’s it.

First of all, the sweater just doesn’t fit. Fashion Lady gave it to me, but I can’t imagine how she ever wore it either. It is too short. The bottom hem kept riding up all day to leave my belly exposed. It’s also way way too hot to have worn a sweater. Because my pink shirt is sheer, though, I couldn’t take the sweater off and had to suffer as I hiked up the hill to my parking spot after work. The pants didn’t work well either. The fabric has a silvery sheen, so they are best worn with a long top that conceals my shiny hips and bottom. The shrunken sweater left me far too exposed.


Londyn said...

now you know why I was having such a dilemma with that shirt! at least the pic is cute :)

Anonymous said...

you look like you are singing,
haha!! i like that pink and strips!

Anonymous said...

I still think it is quite adorable!

Sgladwins said...

Even when you think you look "thrown together" you still manage to look elegant.

WendyB said...

It all looks great in the photo despite all the discomfort!