Saturday, June 23, 2007

Brown Gown

Brown, two-piece gown, Moda International. Strappy gold stilettos, borrowed from Fashion Lady. Gold and red enamel earrings, World Market.

On Thursday, I discovered that the banquet following the excerpts is semi-formal. I have a collection of gowns, but no time for drycleaning, thus, the wrinkles. I’m sure they weren’t visible in the dimly lit ballroom. And the beer I spilled in my lap probably helped the worst of them fall out


Julie said...

Gorgeous dress! I'll have to go to the banquet next year just to show off a dress. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the cut of this dress!! You look great in it!! ~ jb

Sgladwins said...

Wow, Hollywood can take their phony-baloney, plastic women, you look absolutely gorgeous next to any of them. Where's the red carpet? :)

siobhan said...

gorgeous outfit.

i decided to leave a comment as whenever i type in anything to do with fashion, a picture of you wearing another completely different outfit turns up.

i also like the random kitties in the photo. perhaps you are a glam cat lady. perhaps not

and p.s. that red silky shirt with the cinch belt looks great. i may go out and buy one.