Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Coral and Lime

Sheer coral blouse, Worthington. Lime green linen skirt, Richard Malcom. Blue platform peeptoes, Wild Diva. Blue headband, Claire’s Boutique. Fluffy orange cat, Monty (aka Muffin).

Same skirt and blouse combo as in April. This time, I replaced the blazer with a denim jacket that I took on and off all day. I didn’t photograph the jacket because that would be b-o-r-i-n-g. The biggest change from April is the shoes. I’m wearing the crippling plastic Barbie shoes. Either they’re breaking in or I’m losing sensation in my feet because I wasn’t terribly uncomfortable today. I also wised up and brought flip flops to wear when walking to and from the bus stop.

For the purists among you who insist on seeing my outfits in a standing position, here you are (but I look like a goober):


Londyn said...

I claim that pink shirt and the green one in your next pic for our next swap session!

Anonymous said...

what happened to pic 1?

babe with the keyboard! said...

neat...unexpected but works, and works well!