Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer Suit

Blazer, Star City (thrifted). Skirt, G.J. Forbes (thrifted and shortened). Blouse, Worthington. Peeptoe maryjanes, Charles David. Beads, thrifted. Handbag, Naturalizer (thrifted and vintage).

I am so pleased to see “thrifted” describing more and more of my clothing. I’ve long admired stylish girls who manage to create their look with secondhand clothing. I doubt I’ll ever make the 100% Thrifted pool on Flickr, though, because I’ve never bought pre-worn shoes and likely never will. I usually browse the shoes, but am turned off by the style, size, or obvious wear.

I found the blazer this weekend at St. Vincent de Paul. (The skirt and beads are also from St. Vincent, but earlier excursions.) I like how it almost matches the skirt to make a sort of summer suit.


KD said...

I love the entire outfit, but especially how good the light blue looks with you hair! On another subject, (I'm no good at transitional sentences) I've never seen you do DIY, but you seem kind of like a person who might to me. Would you mind terribly helping me out with a little DIY dilemma? Thank you. :-)

Sheila said...

Love the look - and good for you for doing thrifted! I have long been a fan of consignment shops, in which you're more likely to find good quality barely-worn "name" items (including shoes); however, you do pay a bit more. I'm doing a "Consignment Week" with all the finds I got this weekend at my favourite shop.

Londyn said...

very cute! love the jacket with the skirt and shoes.

Rebecca said...

I am so ready to get back into suits. But what I really wanted to mention was how incredibly blue your eyes look when you wear that outfit. Are you wearing blue contacts?

BTW, I seriously thought I had a link to you in my blogroll, but I couldn't find it when I looked for it. I do now!

Kasmira said...

No blue contacts. I've always wanted to experiment with colored contacts, but never have. My eyes are a sort of gray/blue/green that pick up the surrounding colors.