Thursday, August 16, 2012

Traveling Blazer

I’ll be traveling for the next several days. Expect to see a lot of my brand new “modern red” (aka “orange”) blazer in the next few posts.

Blazer, J Crew. Dress, Merona. Bag, Nine West. Moccasins, Minnetonka. Earrings, Pangaea. Necklaces, Phai’s House of Jade, gift, and heirloom. Rings, gift, heirloom, thrifted, and PuzzrollRings.

Photos by Natasha Chew….thanks sis!


Sheila said...

Woo! Love that electric orange! Seriously, how can anyone call that red?

You look awesome, Kasmira - I really like the pops of turquoise with the camo. And how nice that the bag matches.

I've been enjoying your multiple rings lately, and have been playing with that look myself.

Leah Hollett said...

I love how you've tied the "modern red" in your blazer in with the border of your purse!

Jeannie said...

I have several J.Crew school will wear it for years &years! I am pleasantly surprised by it on you though....a very preppy choice for you! :) You look great and I love it! Been meaning to comment to say good luck on your move as you leave the Queen City!

Maria said...

You look smashing good in this orangered jacket. Nice accent on the bag, too.

Londyn said...

LOVE that blazer!! You look great.