Thursday, August 02, 2012

Go for a Walk

I only left the house today to go to Starbucks and on a walk with Beefy. When you work from home, these are occasions for changing out of your pajamas.

Tee, Keller’s. Skirt, American Eagle (dyed from khaki to blue). Scarf, TJ Maxx. Wedges, Lela Rose for Payless. Sunglasses, Girlprops. Earrings, Monica D. Bracelets, Target.

P.S. The kitty is Sam. He (and the other cats) love it when I work from home!


Wendygrrl said...

Tis a cute outfit...

Anonymous said...

The scarf was the first piece to catch my eye. Perhaps I need to frequent TJ Maxx! It's cute!