Friday, February 16, 2007

Fashion Faux Pas

White Blazer, Apostrophe. Hot pink tank, Banana Republic (thrifted). Tweedy trumpet skirt, Newport News. Necklace, Target. Scarf, Jay Jacobs or Maurice’s (I always mix those two up).

What’s wrong with this picture? Look closely and you may notice that the forward boot is black (Michelle D) and the rear boot is brown (Nine West). Yes, I dressed myself, walked around the house, took these pictures, reviewed these pictures, and trudged through the snow and ice to the bus stop without noticing my boots were not a pair. After I had settled myself at the rear of the warm bus, and it was too late to hop off and run home, I finally looked down and spotted the difference.

How could this have happened? Not only are the boots different colors, but the heels are different heights and the toe boxes are different shapes. It is very dark in the shoe closet. However, lack of illumination may not be as much to blame as my native ditziness. (I’m actually a blonde, not a redhead, and I think my roots are showing.)

My husband is bringing my other brown boot to me, but, in the meantime, I must grin and bear the humiliation. I feel like the poor Glamour magazine staffer who has to walk around the streets of New York with an exposed bra, crooked lipstick, or ragged pantyhose and record people’s reaction for the monthly feature. Actually, I doubt anyone will even notice. I won’t mention my predicament to anyone and I’ll keep track of how many comments I get until my husband rescues me.

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, in the first (two) pictures, you can't even tell! That last picture though, of just the boots, is a little more clear. Ah well! Don't fret. The outfit is adorable (my favorite of the week) and if any dare question you, look upon them with scorn and claim that it was intentional. :)