Thursday, February 01, 2007

Koi Necklace

Teal long-sleeved T, Target. Burgundy wrap sweater, Bloch. Blue silk scarf, Thailand. Brown corduroy pants, Gap. Brown booties, Style &Co. Koi necklace, made by me from a Japanese keychain.

Except for the necklace, this isn’t a terribly exciting outfit. It was, though, a comfortable and warm ensemble for my day at the Tri-State Green Industry Expo. I took a vacation day from work and spent the entire day listening to talks on annuals, perennials, and organic gardening. At the end of the day, Marvin, from Marvin’s Organic Gardens, gave away free plants!

But back to the fish necklace. When I lived in Okinawa, I bought four koi keychains, intending to use them as stocking stuffers for my family. I forgot all about them until I saw k_allirhoe’s fish necklace on Wardrobe Remix. As I’ve always thought the fish were a bit delicate for keychains (because of the enamel finish and the articulation), turning them into pendants seemed to be a perfect use for them. For all you wardrobe swappers out there, I’ll be putting two koi up for swap next week!

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Anonymous said...

Hi - love your blog! I love the Koi necklace! Would love it if you post a note if you do decide to swap it or sell it. Thanks!