Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Purchases

After spending big bucks on my Cincinnati house’s landscaping and HVAC system, putting down the earnest money on a house in Sacramento, and spending $100 on clothing and accessories in September, I’m feeling poor, indeed.


1. Bold Curve Skinny Jeans in Endless Night, $49.99

I’m still looking for my skinny jeans holy grail. I want a medium rise. Real pockets and fly. No sagging. No muffin top. These are close, but no cigar.

I chose the Levi’s Bold Curve style to accommodate my curvy rear and thighs. I like how they look immediately after I put them on, but, as you can see from these pictures taken after a day of wear, they sag in the thighs and knees after a few hours, giving me more of the jodhpur than a “skinny” look. Maybe I should have chosen a different curve?

Any recommendations? Erin of Reality Chic recently recommended Madewell Skinny Skinny Jeans, but I’m not built anything like Erin.

St Vincent de Paul

2. White House Black Market blazer, $2.50

This doesn’t button if I have air in my lungs, but, for $2.50, I’ll wear it open.

Go Jane

3. Oversized Colorblock Handbag, $50.60.

Londyn has tons of cute stuff from Go Jane, but my first purchase was prompted by Indiana Adams. She bought this bag and I had to have it too. It’s a little pricy for a fake leather bag, but I love the colors and style. I carried it nonstop for a few days and it’s going in my October 31-for-31 capsule.

September total: $103.09

Total spending for the year: $1077.83.

In October, I’m taking another business trip to LA and staying within walking distance of a Zara! Expect me to buy something there. But not too much….I only have $122.17 left to spend this year.


Lindsey said...

I'm curvy and I've just updated my wardrobe with 2 pairs of skinny jeans in lovely fall colors from Seven For All Mankind. They've been popping up at TJ Maxx for about $30 a pair, and they're a nice slightly thicker material (more structure, more slimming for me). I just took the two pairs with me on a trip to Orlando and after days of walking around the muggy parks, they didn't sag off of me, which was impressive.

Alyssa said...

Have you tried Paige Jeans? Expensive, but worth it!

Julie said...

I adore Express Stella Jean Leggings for super-skinny or Stella Skinny Leg Regular Fit for just regular jeans. You and I are built pretty differently, but they seem to work for a lot of different body types (and they're on sale right now).

Lorena said...

I love your Go Jane bag, the colors are marvelous...

Sheila said...

Ooh, you're doing a capsule! Looking forward to seeing how you do it!

Jeannie said...

I highly recommend AG Stevie skinny jeans. They are a bit pricey but worth it! Medium high waisted so no muffin top & they retain their shape all day!

Mary Walker Designs said...

Blazer envy cute bag too

C Lo said...

I'm also on that hunt....I'm headed to J Crew this weekend to try their matchstick cut because in the catalogue it's exactly the cut I like and I've always had great luck with J Crew fits in the past. I like the straight leg on skinnies instead of the tapered. And honestly I feel like the best jeans are 100% cotton....any stretch and I can't avoid that end-of-day-sag. One of my best friends works at J Crew so if they fit, I get the discount....lately I've figured a great fitting pair of jeans is worth the splurge.

Mrs.M in MI said...

I, too, had lots of trouble finding the "perfect" skinny jeans with plenty of non-saggy stretch for my "curvy" butt and thighs... until I bought the skinny jeans from Land's End. I bought mine last year but the ones they are offering now look very similar.

I do have a long waist and wish the rise on these was a smidge higher, but they feel fabulous, don't sag, and look great.

And don't pay full price - there's always a coupon code or sale coming up. I paid $30 for mine.

I know, it's weird, just don't tell anyone they're from Land's End.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Great purchases. How do you work out your annual budget?

Kasmira said...

The budget of $100/month was just random, but it seems sensible and keeps me from overspending.

Anna said...

I actually bought 2 pairs of skinny jeans from H&M last year. They are fairly high rise which I need with my curvy rear to prevent waistband-gaping-syndrome. Very stretchy, comfy and they don't get baggy with wear. And a great price!

Kelley Lee said...

I just bought some jeans from NY and Co that are awesome. I am a few sizes bigger than you but have a similar shape and they were exactly what I was looking for. They are a dark wash also. Great buy.

Also, good luck in Sacramento. :) I live a bit north of there currently and, ironically, am moving to Ohio in a week.

oh and ps: Don't worry, the heat will die down soon :) California weather will definitely give you opportunities to revamp your outfits. We really only have two seasons here- hot and rainy.

Heather said...

You absolutely MUST try J Brand jeans. My absolute gave for the reasons you sagging after a few hours (oh, hey there Old Navy and Gap), and no muffin top. They make great skinnies ( and lots of other cuts). Good luck!