Friday, September 07, 2012

Accidental Outfit

This is an unplanned outfit. The planned business casual outfit incorporated this lace top, the cami and shoes from Wednesday, and my scarf print skirt. However, customer calls were canceled for today. Instead, I’m squatting in various locales, doing office work and waiting for check in time at my weekend hotel. I opted to wear something a bit more casual and shoes that are much more sensible.

Blouse, Moda International. Dress, thrifted and shortened. Belt, came with some dress. Shoes, Aerosoles. Bag, Nicole Lee. Earrings, Night Owl Crafts. Bracelets, Tala’s Distant Treasures and Garden of the Gods gift shop. Ring, Puzzrollrings.


Ellen @ Black & White & Loved All Over said...

love the print on that dress! cute outfit!

Leah Hollett said...

I love the way the two collars/necklines pair together!

Lorena said...

Genius !
love how that lace jacket looks over the printed dress.