Friday, October 23, 2009

Most Commented of Year Three

Continuing the tradition I began last year, I’d like to share with you the most commented upon posts of Year Three.

Who’s That Girl, 6/12/09, 57 comments. I guess y’all noticed when I went from long and red to short and blond. It was a big change, but I was at a point in my life where I needed to “reinvent” myself. I got a lot of comments about the courage it takes to cut off all my hair, but it really wasn’t that big of a deal to me. Hair grows back…and if I process it to the point where it all falls out, I’ve always fancied a pink wig.

Furple, 7/27/09, 46 comments. This was one of those posts where I was looking for some reassurance from my readers, and that’s exactly what I got. I’d received a comment on the inappropriateness of repurposing my military uniforms for everyday wear (like this skirt), and wanted to know what the rest of you thought. I was touched by your appreciation for my military service and your vigorous defense of my uniform-turned-business-casual wear.

Weight and Size, 4/24/09, 42 comments. In April, I received a (very flattering) email asking me my weight and size. It wasn’t the first time I’d been asked, so I answered the question for everyone. Or rather, I didn’t answer it and told you why not.

Laundry Day, 9/3/09, 39 comments. This post was another response to a reader question. I expected your condemnation when I revealed my slovenly laundry habits. To my surprise, many of us have the same laundry philosophy.

Colonel Mustard, 5/1/09, 37 comments. Let’s be honest…the sword was more exciting than the outfit. Still, many of you had nice things to say about the color combo and my pin-up poses. I was feeling pretty feisty that morning. And, man oh man, do I love that hat! I wish I could figure out how to wear it outside of the house without it screaming "military uniform!"

To The Max, 4/21/09, 37 comments. Walmart is one of my not-so-secret sources of chic and cheap clothing. I’ve found some great stuff there from the George and To The Max lines. I also have quite a few No Boundaries accessories. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I spend a sick amount of time shopping at a local boutique in Clifton, Pangaea, where I found this incredible wooden necklace.

Kick Pleats, 6/15/09, 33 comments. This was my first day at work with my “new” hair and the first time many readers saw it, too (those that hadn’t logged on over the weekend). Thank you again for all of your sweet comments on my change and laughing with me at the reactions of my coworkers.

Cherry, 6/18/09, 29 comments. This was another “look at my new hair” kind of post. Not only was Year Three the Year of Mustard, but it also turned out to be The Year I Went Blond. I was really excited about the color possibilities with blond (since the mustard was more of a redhead thing) and I discovered on this day that cherry red was simply smashing with my new hair color.

Antique Market, 10/4/09, 28 comments. I was absolutely mortified to find one of my wacky jumping shots from this post on the main page of I am one of their blogger affiliates and have a regular spot on the Locals on Living page, but the main page feature was something special. I had a record number of visitors (4,964) and lots of nice comments reassuring me that tights + shorts does not = slutty or weird.

Not So Much, 11/21/08, 27 comments. In my blog, I try to adhere to the Wardrobe Remix tenant of not complaining about my body or outfit. No one wants to read that. I just couldn’t help it on this day, though, and ranted about this blouse that never seemed to go with anything or fit correctly. It’s long gone now, through a swap.

I find the number of comments to be a good measure of post interestingness. If you missed any of these entries the first time around, take a look. I hope you enjoy!


The Thrifty Stylist said...

i think furple and antique fair are my most favorite outfits ever.

Trinity Lea said...

i think i've already said that i LOVE your blonde hair, but i know exactly what you went through!! i regularly grown mine out, donate it, and play like crazy with color and cut for a while before getting sick of the upkeep and growing it out again. and every time, people freak! i find it incredibly amusing!!

WendyB said...

I love knowing about this stuff -- and I adore the military skirt.

Rosie Unknown said...

I've said it before, and I will say it again: that military skirt is amazing! It really does deserve the comments!

Julia said...

Yay for the Laundry habits post! I follow an almost identical regimen and my clothes last MUCH longer. Kudos to you for having the guts to just come out and say it. You're awesome, Kasmira!


Carolyn said...

Hi, I've just found your blog, and I love it! Really enjoyed looking at the variations and remixes, the red and purple challenge. Great stuff! (btw that's a compliment here in Australia...)

Lauren said...

in response to your comment about your hair - first of all, i LOVE the blonde. second, i JUST bought a hot pink wig at cappel's... i'm temporarily bald, and i have a long, curly red wig that i had made to look like my hair (i never wear it) but i couldn't resist buying a hot pink wig on halloween special. you should do it, too!


GirlLeastLikelyTo said...

1. you're blog is amazing :)
2. i'm really interested to know what hairdye you used to dye it red; it's the exact shade i've been searching for. any chance you'll let me in on the secret?

take care x

Kasmira said...

GirlLeastLikelyTo - I didn't consistently use the same shade. It depended on the avaialbility at the store. I used the Feria Auburns. I think there are three auburn shades.

Krissie said...

Liking the roundup idea!