Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Hipper Twin

I went to a wedding, and this is what I wore:

Oh, that wasn’t nice, was it? Okay, this is what I wore:

Coat and dress, vintage. Tights, Merona. Shoes, Isaac Mizrahi for Target. Bag, Naturalizer (thrifted and vintage). Velvet gloves, TJ Maxx. Earrings, Claire’s.

Yes, I went to a wedding and I wore my coat the whole time. It was held in an outdoor tent. There were heaters, but they didn’t make it warm enough to go coatless. This was one of those times I was extra glad I had a warm, dressy coat. I got this one for $15 at a vintage store. (If you really want to see my dress, it’s the same one I wore to a wedding last September.)

The most exciting part of the evening was meeting my twin! Every one has a twin, lurking somewhere in place and time, and I was lucky enough to meet mine. At first, I called her “my evil twin,” but “my hipper twin” is more accurate. (Yes, she is so cool that she is wearing fingerless gloves.)

Keep in mind that I met this girl mere seconds before the pictures were taken. Not only did she jump at the chance to pose with me, but she was instantly relaxed and goofy.

I apologize for the poor quality of the last two photos. They were taken with flash, but on the incandescent white balance, so I had to do some “rescuing” in photoshop.

Not only do we look alike and have similar hairstyles, but her name is April! That’s my middle name. She told me that her middle name is Kasmira, but I think that was a joke.

October weddings are a little dicey because of the chance that the weather can turn nasty, but the timing offers a nice opportunity to incorporate fall elements, like pumpkins and autumn leaves.

It was a cool wedding, but lovely and a lot of fun. I really didn't mind wearing my fabulous faux fur all night.


Julia Whicker said...

Stunning coat!! Your twin looks like a lot of fun. Fun post.

Sheila said...

That's an awesome coat! It helps that you have a lot of visual interest on the bottom, and the edge of your dress shows.

How cool to meet your "twin"!

Rosie Unknown said...

That coat is really wicked!!!

That is so cool, meeting your "twin". I hope I meet mine someday.

JP said...

Maybe you should do more pics with your evil twin. might be fun. (IE outfit variations.) Would have liked to have seen her with out the coat.

Andy B. said...

How many kittens were killed so you could stay warm? :-P

Beatrice said...

Wow, you look amazing in that coat! And that purse is divine!

Londyn said...

How much fun! I think I've seen my twin on the bus to and from work...!

LOOOOOOOVE that coat, and that dress with the little cream pleated bottom is so adorable :)

Anonymous said...

Love the coat but I have to say I love your Merona tights just as much. Who would've thought you could find such nice tights at Target.

FashionAddict said...

I am completely jealous of that coat! I have noticed a lot of vintage coats on you. Can you give tips/advice for picking a vintage coat that will last and not look dated?

Lorena said...

Love that first picture (really :) -
I have still to meet my twin... i hope she is as good looking as yours !

Kim said...

I loved so many things about this, I can't even list them. I will say this: I got married 10 years ago October 9th and this wedding cake looks like my wedding cake's twin.

Slanelle said...

amazing coat !

Reedie said...

Did this wedding happen to be at the Cincinnati Nature Center (Rowe Woods)? That's where I got married and from the interior shots it kind of looks like it.

Kasmira said...

Reedie - yes, it was Rowe Woods, near Milford.