Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Most Interesting of Year Three

I use flickr for my photohosting and have always been very pleased with the service. Flickr keeps stats on one’s photos and my favorite statistic is flickr’s interest rating of my items. My most interesting photos are determined by a combination of views, comments, and favorites by other members.

I present you with the ten most interesting outfit diary shots of Year Three:

I’m not a fan of all of these (in particular the Like a Bruise [#8] and LGTMAS: American Classic [#10]), but somebody thought they were interesting. Which one interests you the most?

I think the most interesting of Year Three is:
#1 Antique Fair
#2 Movie Game
#3 Brello
#4 Banana Who
#5 LGTMAS: Gamine
#6 Perfect
#7 Power Pumps
#8 Like a Bruise
#9 Butter
#10 LGTMAS: American Classic
An outfit you haven't posted...I'll tell you in the comments free polls

Also, see the Most Interesting of Year Two!


Kim said...

I accidentally clicked on "view" instead of "vote" and was surprised to see the majority was the one I was GOING to pick, which was #2. However, I realized I was choosing that one because it was the one closest to what I'D dare to wear since I'm waaaay more conservative (i.e. wimpy) than you. I then re-evaluated based on that and voted for #5.

Penny said...

Oh, I love when you do these! I'm partial to 4...I really like the tartan dress and how you switched it up:)

Sal said...

Fascinating! You look lovely in all of these, of course, but they are definitely among your more traditional outfits. At least, that's my impression.

CindyinSC said...

I like all of them but I voted for #2 becuase there is a CAT in the pic. Cats rule.

Julia said...

Movie Game and Butter, by far. You look best dramatic, my dear. Mwah!


Joan D. said...

The butter one is the one i like most! lovely one!

Cheers for your impressive blog!

Amy said...

Number 6 is by far my favourite :)

Sara said...

I have been watching your blog for the last 2.5 years and I have to say I've seen your style evolve a lot. I love the bolder color choices, but I think you lost me along the way as your outfits became kind of "costume-y." I applaud your originality but I have to admit it's not for me.

Karmen said...

This is my favourite:

You look stuning.

Lindsay said...

I think my favorite outfits this year were right after you went blonde. Especially this day:

And I love this outfit on you too:

The red with your blonde hair is so cute!

Your style is amazing and very inspiring, though I think my favorite looks from you are the classically feminine looks with bright shoes:

Great job!

CeCE said...

I've voted for look number 1, because it's so funky. I'm a new-comer to your blog, and want to say a big THANKYOU for your inspiration! Please keep at it...

Sheen V said...

I wish I could vote for more than one: Movie Game, Like a Bruise, and Butter are my favs!

gina said...

You've had lots of great outfits this year, and this one is far and away my favorite of the bunch:

Heidi said...

Walmart is one of my new favorite place for bargain clothes, too. As much as a kind of hate to admit it, the Miley Cyrus collection has some nice pieces in it.

The trick is to just mix them with higher-end items, like you're great at.