Monday, August 20, 2007

7 Random Fashion-y Things

I’ve now been tagged twice to participate in the “7 Random Things” meme. I usually abstain from these sorts of tags because I’m afraid memes and random commentary will dilute my subject-oriented blogs. I don’t want to appear a spoiled sport, though, so here are 7 random fashion-y things about me:

1. When I was small, I loved to dress in themes. I still remember being Rainbow Girl, Dove Girl (wearing a tank embellished with a line drawing of two doves, beak to beak), and Ice Cream Girl (sporting jeans with embroidered ice cream cones on the rear pockets). I would burst into my parents’ room (while they were asleep, I’m sure), proclaiming the sort of “girl” I was that day.

2. I look horrible in purple and gray. In fact, I hate purple all around. It makes me think of unicorns and the purple people eater and Barney.

3. In 2001, I made a New Year’s resolution to wash my underwear in mesh bags. Both my resolution, and my underwear, have lasted since. (Not only do your underwear last longer, but your washing machine may too. I’ve heard reports of thong underwear becoming wrapped around the machine’s agitator and actually damage the washer!)

4. I have really ugly feet. Over the past few years, though, I’ve made an effort to at least prettify what I have. You wouldn’t have caught me dead in open-toed shoes before 2000.

5. My hair was blond and spiral permed from 8th to 10th grades. (And if you can’t get enough of my terrible school photos, you can view them ALL here.)

6. I never had a friend with whom I could swap clothing until I moved to Cincinnati and met Fashion Lady. It’s like having a second wardrobe!

7. I was a totally hairy, Birkenstock wearing, granola munching, tree hugging hippie in college. Now I’m almost high maintenance. I think everyone goes through phases and that I’ll get in touch with my earthy side again, someday.

I won’t tag anyone else.


Anonymous said...
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Meg said...

Thanks for sharing!

I definitely went through a transformation when I graduated college. Back then, a new pair of flip flops was a big thing. This past week, I bought 4 pairs of shoes, 3 clutches/wristlets, a hat, a blouse, a short sleeved bolero like cover thingy (I'm sure there's some fashion term but it escapes me), a belt, a bracelet, and two skirts. I know it's back to school and they were great deals, but the old Meg is saying, "Why the !@#!@# do you need all of that?" I'm actually hoping to find a couple more blouses in the upcoming weeks.

I did the spiral perm, too :) I've been blonde, brunette, a redhead... being a redhead is fun. Right now, my hair is a warm dark brown.

I didn't have anyone to swap clothes with either :( I finally got a roommate that I could at least pass clothes to (which was super fun), but unfortunately she wasn't around long.

My feet are covered in blisters and my toe nails are kind of screwed up right now due to extra wear and tear. It's a long story, but I'm learning to love close-toed shoes right now.

Big difference, though, between us - I love purple. I'm on the hunt for a purple blouse and gray skirt combo. I already got the shoes for the outfit this weekend - peep-toe, herringbone stilettos. They are so awesome that I didn't want to take them off.

john said...

personal transformations are the greatest :)

kenzii101 said...

WOW i loved looking at all your pictures through the years. I check to see what you wear like every day! haha

jonijaye1 said...

Hi! You've rescued me from my wardrobe frustration! Just got back from goodwill after getting inspired by your outfits. Is it ok to download your pics from flickr? Keep up the good work!

Kasmira said...

jonijaye1 - you can download my flickr pics. I'd appreciate it if you treat them respectfully. :)

jonijaye1 said...

Thanks Kasmira, will do...