Friday, August 17, 2007

Crazy Friday

White eyelet shirtdress, vintage. Black, cowl-neck tank, Apt 9. Dark denim, Calvin Klein (overdyed by me). Silver sequin shoes, Nina. Sliver “birdcage” earrings, World Market. Black patent, quilted headband, Claire’s Boutique.

I was flipping through my I was flipping through my What I Wore Today photo set yesterday and realized that I hadn’t worn my hospital dress or sequin shoes in a while. Why not wear them both at once? Some people dress casually on Friday; I dress crazily.

I over-dyed these jeans (and my one other pair of dark jeans) this weekend with one package of indigo and one package of black Dylon dye. I LOVE the results. (For comparison, the first photo in the below montage features this exact pair back in March.) How much do you want to bet, though, that I have blue legs by the end of the day?

As this is the fourth time I’ve worn the crazy hospital dress, I think it’s time for a “how have you liked it best” poll (choices are pictured left to right):

How have you liked this eyelet dress best?
Hospital Dress
Return of the Funky Doctor
The Doctor is In
Crazy Friday
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Anonymous said...

The black and white offsetting one another makes the shirtdress work. I say stick to that look when wearing it.
I really didn't like the other combinations but you get an "A" for effort and creativity!

Melody said...

I love dark denim. I need to keep your dying job in mind when I find the perfect that's not the perfect shade.

PS. The Crazy Friday look is my favorite.

Melody said...

Oops, just noticed my typo - meant to say, when I find the perfect FIT that's not the perfect shade.

Meg said...

I like it. What a fun way to play with neutrals!

Anonymous said...

I like your new hair; it really flatters you. I also like this get up the best.

Jamie B said...


Londyn said...

Yep, this outfit is my fav. But then again, the sequin shoes might have been the tie breaker!