Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Steamy Woolens

I planned to wear this outfit last week, but Beefy pooh-poohed it because the wool skirt looked unseasonable. This week, it’s even hotter, but I believe one can wear wool all year…it’s just a matter of the type of wool and weight.

Lace cardigan, Rodarte for Target. Scarf, vintage. Tank, swap. Skirt, Talbot’s (thrifted). Shoes, Gianni Bini. Bag, Apt 9. Sunnies, Girl Props. Ring, vintage.

The scarf, though, did get a little hot. But I was glad to have it in the office.

Do you wear wool in the summer?


Jennif said...

really in love with this look. The layering works.

Andie said...

oh no I can't do wool in the summer. it's too hot and humid here! I rarely wear denim in the summer either because it is hard to peel off!

you look awesome, though!

Megan said...

I would if it were a light weight and light color. I think it looks appropriate. I imagine wool might also breath better than some synthetics might.

I love the layers of texture and color in this outfit. As well as the location.

(Also I saw you passed through Nashville recently! Hello from a TN-blogger!)

Lorena said...

You look lovely Kasmira!
On the wool issue, I live in a country with NO WINTER.
Its either HOT HOT HOT HUMID or rainy.
I own one wool skirt and I have worn it with light blouses without it being an issue... pooh for Mr Beefy.

The Nightmare Child said...

'Tis a very lovely outfit.

Marley said...

I will absolutely do that!....as soon as I can figure out what it means and how to do it.../n00b

Marley said...

Okay, I believe I've un-truncated my feed...but could you check and let me know?

Rebecca said...

My old office was very cold (too much AC), so I frequently wore wool in the summer. My current office tends to be less air conditioned, so I have to wear lighter weight pieces.

RETRO REVA said...

Hi girlie!
I have been reading over past posts and noticed a pair of vintage shoes you wore, but fell apart. I got a pair of vintage pumps (on june's "yard sale hippie" post) and they are too small (sz 7). they are yellow, blue, green and pink. i will save them for you if u want. no worries if u don't care for them :)

Sheila said...

My skirt yesterday (the olive one) is a light-weight wool. Absolutely, you can wear fine wool in hot weather - it breathes beautifully!

I love this look - so neat with all the textures.

Intelligent Tool said...

i think you look beautiful!