Friday, July 02, 2010

To All the Blogs I've Loved Before

Great new style blogs pop up so often that I’m afraid to check them out for fear that I’ll like them and feel compelled to add them to my already bloated Google Reader list. I can’t handle my “daily” reading as it is! And, yet, with a backlog of 500 posts (again) in my reader, I can’t help but miss a few of the style blogs that have been abandoned.

I miss…

Just My Style
Dormant since January 2010
I think this Alaskan mother must absorb the endless summer sunshine like some sort of solar battery because she shines all year long. You can always count on a cheery smile and an upbeat attitude from her. She brings this same sense of fun to her wardrobe. She experiments with trends and style chains with gusto. Her looks are light-hearted, quirky, and cute, but still practical.

Roseate Spoonbill
Dormant since September 2009
This lady is a tall, cool, drink of water. I have serious hair envy, too. She’s tall, but thin, so she can squeeze into all those vintage finds that the rest of us are forced to leave at the thrift store. Her outfit pictures are an endless parade of spectacular vintage dresses and hats. The backgrounds in her photos (front porch and yard) are chronologically ambiguous. She really could be wearing that ‘50s day dress in 1953 for all I can tell.

The Vintage Society
Dormant since January 2010
I should be clear that Beth didn’t abandon this blog without notice, but moved to a new site (B Jones Style) and away from daily style files. Her Vintage Society focus, though, was the sort of daily outfit journal that I favor. She could have stepped from the pages of Lucky every morning. She is always a little bit ahead of the trends in that way that makes you want to copy her the next day. On top of her great style, she has an amazing mane of blond waves that she styles endless ways. She’s started including outfit posts on the B Jones Style site and I couldn’t be more enthusiastic. (Well, I could be if she did it every day!)

What dormant style blogs do you miss?


The Nightmare Child said...

The one that my friend Tabitha used to do. It was similar to yours, except it had more of an Elegant Gothic Lolita feel to it. And she'd throw in some photography of Revolutionary War era cemeteries & her Italian Greyhound for variety.

Miss T said...

I miss
I was reading it before I even really knew about the whole style blog phenomenon.

LeatriceNay婉勇 said...
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Anonymous said...
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maryeb said...

'Strawberry Kitten'. She has such a fun, carefree, pretty style.
She reminds me of my sister.

Cate said...

I miss Strawberry Kitten, too. Loved her blog!

sabina said...

I miss Strawberry Kitten. I loved her thoughts, ideas, sewing ability, and style.


RETRO REVA said...

I so miss strawberry kitten! her outfits were flawless and her color choices really inspired me. she got a job where she had to wear only black and white , though I'm not sure that's why. she also graduated , i believe. maybe she just didn't have time anymore ;(

Londyn said...

OMG - I thought I was the only one who pined over dormant blogs!

There's one blog that abruptly stopped posting about a year ago. I can't remember the name and after 9+ months I took it off my list, but I still remember the girl, what she looked like and how fabulous her blog was. I always wonder what happens when people just disappear...