Thursday, July 01, 2010

June Purchases

I have a thing for accessories – especially jewelry. I spent almost my entire June budget on jewelry and glasses. I tend to gravitate toward these smaller purchases because there is simply no more room in my closet.

1. Queen of the Ohio necklace, $9.80

I didn’t start my day in this necklace. As I was dressing that morning, I looked in the mirror and pined for something gold and flashy around my neck. My naked sternoclavicular region continued to bother me until I broke down and visited Macy’s midday. I sated my craving for less than $10.
2. Lot of faux pearls, $19.59

Once upon a time, I was addicted to I was scouring it daily for cameos and silver sugar/creamer sets. After the obsessions passed, I forgot about shopgoodwill until I was on the hunt for Chanel-style ropes of faux pearls. I was the only bidder on this lot.

Tri-State Antique Market
3. Owl pendant (and chain), $1
4. NRA bullet pendant (signed by Charlton Heston!), $1
5. Two tasseled necklaces, 2 x $1 = $2
6. Alligator ring, $1
7. Silk scarf, $1
8. Vintage 70’s bag, $24

If you live in the Cincinnati area, get thee to the Tri-State Antique Market! There is one vendor who consistently has boxes full of $1 jewelry. I delight in digging through the tangles.

Julie’s Inspiration:
9. Earrings, $7

Wow! This might be my new favorite vintage/secondhand/consignment shop. I’ve only been able to make two, very brief visits, but I am longing to return and sift through the racks and racks of divine vintage clothing. The accessories are top-notch, too.

The bracelets pictured are from Epcot’s Morocco.

The Bead Factory (at the Orlando airport):
10. Peacock bracelets, 2 x $12.95 = $25.90
11. Evil eye necklace, $12.95

Airports make me want to open my wallet. Maybe it’s the boredom factor or just the high of traveling. I paid way too much for these trinkets, but I love them and shopping made the wait for my plane a little more entertaining.

Hot Topic:
12. Fake glasses, $10

I wear “real” glasses and like the look of them, but my exercise routine makes it hard for me to wear them without changing in and out of contacts once or twice a day. Fake glasses are an easier way to add focus to my face or tone down a bombshell-esque outfit. And I can still see when I take them off.

13 Sunglasses, $5
14. Moto-style sweatshirt, $7

Deb gets a bad rap. Sure, the store is totally gross and overflowing with cheap crap, but I always find gems there.

The grand total is $127.24. And I can fit it all in a small tote bag.

I thought, at first, that I had made my $100 budget, but then discovered that I’d forgotten about my antique fair purchases. I paid in cash and there were no receipts, so only my photos jogged my memory.

Oh, and, then, at Red Pink and Blue, a model walked down the runway in a chandelier crystal necklace and I was smitten. The runway jewelry was provided by Serket Jewelry and it was too easy to visit the artist’s booth after the show and buy my own for $25. I’ll wear it tomorrow. It’s a beaut.

So, that brings my final final total to $152.24

Next month, I plan to buy more accessories, but no jewelry or glasses! Instead, I’m looking for red, summery, work-appropriate heels and black ballet flats made from thin leather or canvas. Feel free to send links!


Midwest Mayhem said...

Such great finds! My favorites are the alligator ring and the peacock feather bracelets.

Intelligent Tool said...

i got that peacock bracelet from modcloth last month! :)

Lorena said...

Great finds... I particularly like those from the market.
In regards to airport shops... yes they are so expensive.
The way I keep my $ in my wallet while in airports is getting a magazine.... it keeps me glued to the chair while I wait for my flight.

Emily said...

I love actual ballet shoes. Are cheap, (also black and thin leather) and if you want more support, Dr Scholl's inserts are perfect. I tuck the elastic strap under my foot, normally, but didn't snip it out for days when I want the cutesy Mary Jane look.

Janice said...
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Anna said...

I picked up that exact same vintage owl necklace at the thrift store a few weeks ago and am wearing it today!! Must have been a more common necklace than I thought at some point in time.

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

I love your necklace from Macy's.

Zeus' Mom said...

There are a bunch of cute red pumps here:|0

I love these:

Check out my latest post ( for a code to get 30% off and free shipping.

I love love love the peacock bracelets. Did I miss the evil eye necklace? Was there a photo of it?

Kasmira said...

Zeus' Mom - you are my new hero. I just bought the Two Lips Vanity wedges from Shoes for $22.16!!!!!! And free shipping!!!! Now I hope they are comfortable. I have high hopes since I LOVE my other pair of Two Lips.

I haven't worn the evil eye necklace on the blog. In fact, I can't find the evil eye! It is somewhere among my many necklaces.

Zeus' Mom said...

That's so funny... when I saw those wedges I thought, "those are totally Kasmira shoes." Very cute!

Can't wait to see the evil eye necklace.

Megan Wolf said...

I am salivating over all of these accessories! seriously, you have some really amazing pieces that you have found from all over. I am going to have to check out shopgoodwill. I haven't ever shopped there, though I thrift at the actual store. the things you find at the market by you are just jaw dropping. and the prices! I need your thrifting skills!

enter the COACH give away this week!

Anonymous said...
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Janice said...
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bwhite said...

I've the Peacock bracelet as well Penny's / Primark had it this summer for €3. I felt it was a bargain at the time and seeing as you paid $13 each it certainly was.

Miya said...

You wouldn't know which and where " vendor who consistently has boxes full of $1 jewelry. I delight in digging through the tangles."

As I will be making my first journey up this weekend! So glad I found your blog it has an obscene amount of wonderful information! =)

Kasmira said...

Miya, when you enter the fairgrounds, there will be a long, oval, paved road directly in front of you with vendors set up all along it. The vendor I mention is near the end of the left-hand side of the oval, on the left....close to the burger stand. (The burger stand is a permanent building.) You'll see a table with boxes of jewelry and then even more boxes on the grass. Hope that helps!