Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dramatically Discounted Vintage

The Drama Workshop’s costume collection is overflowing with vintage clothing, so we’ll be selling dozens of dresses, skirts, blouses, sweaters, and jackets this Saturday. Most of the costumes are actual day and evening wear, from the 1930’s through present day. You can find anything from collector’s items to work wear in the sale.

I helped cull the collection and pulled out a few of my top pics:

A 70’s day dress
A flowered poncho
A disco-era dress
A boho dress
A prarie chic skirt
An exotic trimmed skirt
A 50’s party dress
A pony print dress

All available for purchase!

The clothing will be priced between $3 and $5…and everything is ½ off after 3 p.m.

What: The Drama Workshop Warehouse Sale
When: July 31, 2010, 10 am to 4 pm
Where: 1676 Hoffner Street, Cincinnati, OH 45233
Why: The group has been active since 1954 and the storage space simply can’t hold any more. We’re selling costumes, set materials, furniture and props.

A peek at the giant pile of vintage clothing for sale:


yessaidyes said...

This makes me so happy. I wanted to make it to U-Swap and mixed up the dates! I feel like I'm getting a 2nd chance!

Goose said...

Hope I can make it - Even though I really shouldn't be spending any more money on clothes or accessories. Maybe you can drag Londyn - I'd love to see her in person :-)

PS. This is TDW Debbie F.

Emily said...

Man I wish I lived in Cincinnati right now!

katy said...

oooh! if only i didn't live in missouri.... that pony dress would be mine!

Lorena said...

Wow, if I were only a little closer....
Will you be getting any pieces ?

Kasmira said...

Lorena - I won't be at the sale...but I've been raiding TDW's costume closet for years, so I'm not missing out. ;)

Style Sud-Est said...

I wish i was in your city - love that party dress!love your outfits


Will (Wolf) said...

By any chance will there be any MEN's Retro wear available??

Kasmira said...

Will (Wolf) - There won't be any menswear available. We only got through about 60% of the costume holdings and men's wear (and outerwear) were in the unreviewed 40%. However...if this sale is a success, we plan to do another in the fall and include those costumes we didn't get to.

Londyn said...

Fabulous! I'm going to try and make it!

Do the sizes vary or seem to be more small or large??

Tamia said...

I have no clue where Hoffner Street is, but I'll damn sure whip out my GPS and find it for this! Thanks for the info!


Kasmira said...

Londyn - many of the items (being vintage) run small. You should have no problem with the arms/shoulders/waists. Some of the dresses are full-skirted, but I found those with a fitted bottom to be way to small for modern hips!

Tamia - the warehouse is near the corner of Hoffner and Cherry streets in Northside. It isn't far from Boswell Alley, on Blue Rock. In fact, I highly recommend Boswell's Long Island Iced Teas and Bloody Marys before or after the sale!

Keix said...

Oh my gosh, I adore that pink-and-ivory dress with the flower applique on the skirt... alas, I'm in Delaware, quite far from Cincinnati.