Tuesday, January 20, 2015

No Sitting

This skirt is a perfect fit when I’m standing up. I’m mystified by the way it becomes tighter when I sit down. Somehow, while sitting, my butt and thighs expand to strain the seams. But not burst them. Yet.

Shirt, Gap (swap). Skirt, Plenty by Tracy Reece (thrifted). Tights, MeMoi. Boots, Lauren Ralph Lauren. Sunglasses, Target. Coat (below), Bebe. Necklace, Taneesi. Bag, Merona.

Maybe my skirt is too tight, but this guy seemed to approve:

365 photos from Saturday, Sunday, and Monday:


maiapapaya said...

Missed opportunity in the title: Standing Room Only!

Kasmira said...

Oh, I will definitely save that clever title for future use with another tight skirt!

DressUpNotDown said...

I have a dress that does that...I too wear it anyways. I just try to avoid sitting. :o)

Your 365 pictures are beautiful! Well, maybe the Incredible bands aren't "beautiful", but they're cool. :o)